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    Default Realistic credo of an evil deity and a good deity

    I'me creating home-brew world with a duotheistic pantheon consisting of Deanna, NG deity of life and charity and Keballos, NE deity of death and selfishness. I've tried to make Keballos's credo evil and opposing to Deanna's, but I'm also trying to make it fairly reasonable, just enough so that cultists can be justified in worshipping. I'd like to know whether the Keballos's credo strays to far from evil for the sake of justified worship or vice-versa, as well as whether both credos are realistic. And if you have any suggestions on additional credos, I'd love to here them.

    Credo of Deanna:
    -Be kind and charitable to others. If someone is in need, give to them, even at your own expense, that you might become part of something greater than yourself.
    -Do unto others as they do to you. Just as you may help someone, someone will eventually be there to help you.
    -Life is not forever, and every moment should be savoured. Donít fret on the future or past; live in the moment and experience the joys of the world.
    -The followers of Keballos are liars and supremely selfish beings. As such, they must be converted to Deannaís light. Should such measures fail, they must be incarcerated or, should they be sufficiently villainous, executed. -Followers of false deities are typically secret worshippers of Keballos or follow similar credos and should be dealt with in the manner above.
    -Nature is beautiful. This beauty fills life with joy and must be persevered, protected and above all, appreciated.
    -The body is a vessel for the soul and is therefore more sacred than a temple. Undeath is a great desecration and therefore undead must be destroyed.

    Credo of Keballos:
    -The followers of Deanna would steal all that you have, rather than let them keep your hard-earned items and power for yourself. They would claim it charity, but you must know better.
    -Do unto others as they do to you, tenfold. If one aids you, reward them for this so that you might foster their alliance that you may gain more aid from them. And if one harms you, then they must be punished grievously.
    -Death is natural and should not be feared, only controlled. Stave off your own death for as long as possible, and any who would do wrong to you are not worthy for living.
    -The followers of Deanna are liars and thieves. Whenever possible, you must either convert or slay them. Do not be afraid to murder worshippers of Deanna, for they are unworthy of life and you are the master of death.
    -Nature should be used to serve you for your own betterment, either as beasts of burden or food. Nature that serves no material purpose to you should not get in the way of your happiness; it should be cleared away to make way for your joy.

    Optional Keballos credo (some worshippers believe in this, others have never heard of it):
    -Undeath allows you greater time to experience the joys of the world and thus should not be shunned.
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