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    Default All the Lights in the Sky are Stars

    All the Lights in the Sky are Stars, or ATLAS for short, is a star, space, and sky-themed compendium lovingly put together by the good people of the Haven Discord server.

    ATLAS can be found in three different formats for your convenience: PDF, Imgur, and GMBinder.

    Inside, you will find:
    - 2 Races and 2 Subraces
    - 12 Subclasses
    - 23 Spells
    - 18 Items
    - 23 Monsters

    ATLAS was written to be setting agnostic to better allow DMs to use the compendium in pretty much any setting. All it really requires is the existence of space and stars.

    Happy Holidays, and may the stars watch over you!

    was asked by my fellow ATLAS devs to post this here but it's been on /r/ua for like a week-ish
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