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    Post 3.Pathfinder Dragon Ball inspired monk feats

    I tried to adapt existing feats from 3.5 and Pathfinder to create something similar to the over the top dragon ball Franchise. I usually end up giving players a few extra feats, so taking a few of these wouldn't have any adverse problems with limiting them elsewhere for the most part. I know its over the top, but is it potentially too far? I recognize this be riddled with typos but I'm trying to get a working model with (balanced) numbers before I get too uppity about grammar and descriptions.

    I thought about allowing everything here to be allowed with the use of Channel energy as well.

    Ki Feats

    Ki Charge
    Through focus and concentration, you can regain lost ki points: Requirements 14 Wisdom (or stat that your ki is based on) You may as a full round action (Total defense) until the start of your next turn regain an amount of ki equal to the stat it scales off of. When doing so convert all AC bonuses into deflect and add your ki stat to it. If you take damage while doing so make a concentration check equal to the damage taken or regain no ki. At the end of this action you gain two swift actions instead of just one. Doing this action drains you physically and can only be done a number of times per day equal to Whatever stat your Ki scales with; if used more than once in one combat you are fatigued at the end of combat/if you run out of ki, increasing up to exhausted. Total Defense: You can defend yourself as a standard action. You get a +4 deflection bonus (stackable) to your AC for 1 round.

    Ki Barrier
    Req-Ki Charge
    Your Ki is so powerful that you can use it to deflect incoming attacks.
    After using Ki Charge retain the Ki Stat deflection bonus for one minute.

    Improved Ki Barrier
    Req-Ki Barrier
    Ki barrier is always active as long as you retain a single ki point.

    Greater Ki Barrier
    Req-Improved Ki Barrier
    When Improved Ki barrier is active gain a bonus to DR equal to your ki stat modifier. This DR is default DR/- and upgrades any existing DR to the same tier. (Only use highest non-stackable source as base)

    Source of Ki
    You may change your Ki stat to strength or constitution

    Ki -Air Walk
    You may move through the air in the same manner as you do on the ground.
    Req: Level 8, Ki stat of 20+. When doing so you lose 2 dodge AC and when attacked must make a fly check when damaged=to damage taken. Failure to do so results in you being pushed back 5 feet times the number you failed by, if this result causes impact with any surface you take damage accordingly. Cannot be used when you have no ki.

    Ultimate Ki Barrier
    Req-Greater Ki Barrier
    Add 4 deflection AC in addition to previous bonuses at the cost of 1 ki per minute.

    Violent Ki
    Your Ki Barrier adds an equal amount of damage to your melee attacks as the shield provides. This applies to your surroundings at a rate of 5 feet per 1 bonus

    *Ki blast attacks apply all bonuses that are applied to your unarmored attacks IE Crit range, damage, attack bonuses, and base damage, using your Ki mod in place of melee attack Mod and melee attack damage. Fast Ki blasts can counter other Fast Ki Blasts as well as other projectiles provided they do equal or more damage. Normal Ki Blasts can be sustained over several turns if you continue taking the action as well as paying the cost. In the event of a Blast or Beam struggle I'm thinking that for every 5 damage higher the beam would move 5 feet in the others favor until one was out energy or hit. Once a beam clash has started you cannot run, you cannot hide, you cannot dodge, the loser takes max damage. You can use Ki Charge to hold a beam but it only counts as ½ damage for clash calculations.

    Ki Blast
    You can make one ranged attack (adding Ki mod to attack) for your Ki mod*2 adding 1d8 per ki used (no more than half your level) with a range increment of 60. Full round action to charge and use/can be held and used as standard action on subsequent turns. Costs 1 Ki.

    Greater Ki Blast
    Req Ki Blast
    Damage is increased to your Ki mod*4 +2d8 per ki used (no more than half your level)

    Violent Ki Blast
    Req Violent Ki;Ki Blast
    Add Ki barrier damage from Violent Ki to your Ki Blasts; additionally gain option for this attack to become a ray with range increments of 100*Ki Mod; costs two Ki, Full Round. Expend an additional 2 Ki to increase your damage to Ki Mod*8; cost of attack does not calculate into extra hit die from Ki Blast.

    Fast Ki Blast
    Req Ki Blast
    You can make smaller Ki blasts as normal attacks with range increment 50. The attack does base damage+Ki Mod and can be done as part of a flurry. Costs nothing can be used if you have at least 1 ki.

    Ki Eruption
    Req Violent Ki Blast
    You explode doing Violent Ki Blast damage to yourself and everything within 20*Ki Mod feet. The attack is rolled the same as is damage. Everyone in the radius is damaged, but everyone who is “hit” takes double including yourself.

    Controlled Ki Blast
    You can curve your Ki Blasts, as well as stack up to two together over two full rounds, can be used as a full action on third. You can choose the area of effect using the total radius of Ki Eruption as your distance when using Ki Eruption. When using Fast Ki you can hover your attacks anywhere within range for three turns before deeming a target for the swarm of attacks. You can control your violent Ki radius at will.
    Ki Healing
    You can as a Full Round action heal for lethal damage=Ki Mod or Nonlethal=Ki Mod*2, can be used to heal other Ki users within 30 feet. Additionally allows you to transfer as much Ki as a target can hold within 30 feet.

    Sense Ki
    You can sense the Ki of others and may make knowledge Martial checks to determine their strength/level.

    Suggestions? Input?
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