The strategies that develop for games is rather a point that all of us fail at the first time, myself included. The best way to base your strategy for the objective is support. Is your strategy supported by your army and supply? Is your army supplied by your economy? Is your economy supplied by...

See where this is going?

Anyway. The best thing you can do is keep things moving. No waiting no having units idle while you plan to build a protoss mother ship. If they wait, time is lost. Time equals supply for support to the next level up!

So if that is true?

If that is it, having a full army with available time equals more units! Great! The other side to it is to have the maths worked out for what order to build in to make sure waiting time is minimised. Also... The fighting needs to work off a calculated theme. that would be with three units dealing five points take three attacks to kill other unit - can they surround unit and never have spill damage that could have eliminated another attack from another field crowding enemy that few seconds if round - even in real time games?