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    Default homebrew for critique: extra spirit totems for the circle of the shepherd druid

    the idea here is that the druid in my campaign can get some extra spirit totems if she earns them. the players can go around in the world and interact with some of these spirits. If the interactions go well these spirits might grant the druid their ability. So they do not get all of these extra totems automaticly. I was hoping for some feedbacks on these.

    Squirrel: while in this aura each creature of your choice within the aura gains advantage on dexterity saving throws and checks. Additionally these creatures also get a bonus to initiative equal to half your druid level. Obtainable at 6th level

    Fox: you gain advantage on intelligence saving throws and checks with the fox cunning. And you can chose one willing creature within the aura to grant them the ability to cast disguise self on themselves. Obtainable at 6th level

    Scorpion: all creatures within the aura are immune to poison. Additionally any creature within the aura that you choice does extra poison damage equal to half of your druid level. Obtainable at 6th level

    Hare or cheetah: each creature of your choice within the aura increases their movement speed by 30 feet while in the aura. In addition these creatures can use their bonus action to dash. Obtainable at 6th level

    Elephant: the spirit of the elephant grants advantage on all constitution and strength saving throws and ability checks. Obtainable at 4th level.

    Wolf: all creatures that you chose within the aura have advantage on wisdom (perception) checks and advantage when trying to track a creature. In addition these creatures gain advantage on attack roles if any of itís allies is within 5 feet of the target. Obtainable at 2nd level

    Elk: all creatures of your choice within the area gain advantage on constitution saving throws and are immune to being frightened. In addition the spirit grants you the ability to cast calm emotions within the aura. Obtainable at 4th level

    Salmon: all creatures of your choice within this aura will be able to jump great distances 1,5 times their normal distance. In addition all these creatures will have advantage on wisdom saving throws and ability checks. Obtainable at 2nd level (just a sidebar this is based on the salmon of wisdon in Irish stories and the great salmon leap often named in these stories. It is kind of a strange one but that is kind of the fun of it)
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