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    Default Yakkaida - A Sengoku Jidai Inspired Campaign Setting

    Greetings all! It's been a while since I've put up any sort of homebrew or content up on this site. But now that Real Life and General Apathy have been beaten back once more, I have returned! The Google Drive link is to a viewable PDF I have created for my own table, a sort of short-hand document that allows my DM to run games in a setting I created (and which the table likes to play in). The document isn't anything revolutionary or astounding in its complexity or mechanical wizardry. I just like making these things and sharing them. I'd love it if anyone wanted to let me know what they think of the document and its contents, as an outside perspective is always welcome.

    A few notes:

    1. This book is a combination of Lore and Mechanics
    And barebone Lore at that! That's so if anyone wanted to use the setting, there'd be a huge blank canvas for you to use. The mechanics are in terms of various races, feats, crafting elements (quality and materials), and a simple honor system. The whole thing is modular, so use what you like and toss the rest. Again, I'm just tired of not sharing my stuff. The setting is one I have run since Pathfinder, an island nation clearly meant to emulate a fantasy variant of the Japanese Empire circa 1500-1600 or so. The setting is concerned with the Great Civil War, an ersatz of the Sengoku Period. So everyone is fighting everyone else, scheming Daimyo plot to become the next Shogun, Samurai try to live up to their honor codes, and ninja leap from shadow to shadow. Mechanically, there are a number of altered and renamed feats from the PHB, as well as a couple of customized ones. Armor and weapons have been reimagined to fit the theme, and a simplified honor system can be used in place of social checks where the Honor Code would be more appropriate.

    2. It isn't perfect
    I have no doubt there's typos left in there or misaligned tables. But I'm tired of looking at it, so don't expect me to fix anything else!

    There's also definitely a couple of misused names, translations, and other such things. I'm not interested in hearing how I got those things wrong. I am aware of them already and in some cases used those "incorrect" words, names, or phrases intentionally. For example, the Jorogumo race. I know their name is for a different Spider-person in folklore, but the alternative (Ogami) was too close to Okami, who are also a playable race.

    Other races, in case one is curious, are:

    1. Human, natch
    2. Half-Oni - like Half-Orcs but better
    3. Asura - like Aasimar but angrier
    4. Deva - like Tieflings but more shadow-y
    5. Ryujin - who doesn't like dragonborn?
    6. Shinigami - who doesn't like playable undead?
    7. Jorogumo - spider centaurs, cute and shy
    8. Kenku - because why not?
    9. Kitsune - because we're all weebs here
    10. Okami - because angry dog noises
    11. Enigami - fire genasi
    12. Hokogami - earth genasi
    13. Kazegami - air genasi
    14. Mizugami - water genasi

    So, I hope someone finds something they like in the link below that they might use in their own games. And if not, if someone would like to comment or critique what's there I'd be most happy.
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