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    Default [Starfinder] The Executive: A Corporate Spellcaster

    "Remember the golden rule: the one with the credits makes the rules."- Momo Nyatori, Mau Exective

    Of all the powers in the universe, none is more far reaching and influential than the almighty credit. In both the highest echelons of power and lowliest slums, all intelligent creatures kneel at the altar of money. While the gods may give people something to live for, credits allow them to live in the first place. Thus, it is no surprise that much like the deities, the power that is the credit has its own churches, known to the larger universe as megacorporations. While the Megacorps are far from spiritual, their resources and influence are so great that the power they command is nothing short of godlike. Through their vast wealth they can seize control of planets, enslave and uplift entire species, and even plunge whole systems into poverty or raise them to prosperity. While such companies may not be literal Gods, their power certainly rivals them, and where there are Gods, Mystics are quick to follow.

    Unlike the traditional Mystic, the Executive does not gain their magic from a connection to a deity or cosmic force. Instead, it comes from a very specific source: their megacorp and the mystic energy to which they have access. Through a special implant known as a cyberlink, an Executive can download spells encoded in their company’s databases and cast them through sheer force of personality. This potent blend of technology and magic has thus given these influential corporate oligarchs the ability to use magic without the rigorous study needed to become a Technomancer or deep connection to a higher power needed to be a Mystic.

    However, while anybody with a cyberlink can theoretically gain such power, the ability to alter reality with a quick incantation and flick of the wrist is not something Megacorps give out lightly. Thus, not every corporate executive is a spellcasting Executive of the kind this class represents. Indeed, the vast bulk of corporate executives are often envoys; the powers of the Executive class are reserved for only majority shareholders, and the most high ranking, influential, and loyal megacorp execs. Thus, the vast bulk of executives are just what their name entails; the absolute highest ranking megacorp executives, majority shareholders, or as-is the case for most low-level Executives their children or protégés. However, in rare cases other individuals, such as corporate spies, field commanders and elite agents, are also given access to cyberlink technology as a part of the process of being groomed for a leadership role in the company.

    Spoiler: Design Notes
    This class, while largely complete, is still an unfinished product. Thus, as it stands, some abilities may be too overpowered. That being said, I would appreciate any and all balance help with the class, as it does many experimental things not yet done in default SF, such as prepared casting. Also, note that this is entirely for my own campaign if you don't like the idea of divine magic coming from strong belief in something and passion/force of conviction rather than being directly granted by deities, I totally understand. Just something I needed for my own world, so I decided to make it myself! Regardless, its come along well, and I think that the new changes really make it work. However, I still want balance help, as some things may not be all there balance-wise yet. I currently am playtesting it in a game, and have several friends running it as both PCs and NPC enemies, so things might change.
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    Default Re: [Starfinder] The Executive: A Corporate Spellcaster

    can we have to lazy didn't read version of this as the third iteration of the ever capable employee of the year class?
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    Default Re: [Starfinder] The Executive: A Corporate Spellcaster

    I feel like Netrunner would be ripe for a conversion along these lines. :)

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