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    Default Re: [Godbound] Ten Buried Blades IC

    It happens only with some hesitance, but Governor Jiang does eventually give you a curt nod after you share what you wish to share about the Golden Lord with him. It leaves out his claims of ancient enmity against the Ren people, of course, but perhaps it's better that this stays a secret for now.

    "Yes, that confirms some of the reports I received." the Governor explains, frowning slightly. "It'll have to do, I suppose. None of what I know about you or him sounds anything like proper Patrians. They wouldn't be caught dead thinking of your kind of equality."

    Being experienced travelers of Arcem, more or less, you are aware that he is correct about this. Unlike Dulimbai, where in theory anyone may rise to the rank of Yunzhi just through hard work and effort, and is given the chance to do so early on in life, Patria is structured through a strict caste system. Commoners are allowed to vote in a democratic system, but official rank may only be held by the families of a small cabal of houses.

    Governor Jiang, meanwhile, straightens out his back once more, and looks down on you from his horse. "Very good then. In that case, before we strike a deal, I will grant you one final gift. Since you've shown yourselves to be so benevolent and peace-minded, I shall have your friend released without demanding anything in return."

    He allows the words to sink in for a second before explaining himself. "Before bringing my army here, I sent out one of my best agents, Seamstress Bao, to kidnap the commoner woman that preached so strongly on your behalf. A certain Ming, if I am not mistaken? My reports suggested you care much for her, so I sought to make her my trump card while you moved to fight me."

    Should your expressions show any sign of disappointment or anger, the Governor will be quick to defend his actions. "Do not look at me like that. It was my duty to fight two gods, on the behalf of all my subjects. I took all measures I could to end such a battle swiftly and definitively in Dulimbai's favour. Besides, I gave clear orders for her not to be harmed. You need not worry for her safety." Throughout, his voice is cold and certain. His stern tone makes it clear that years of war have taught this man no small measure of ruthlessness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ezekielraiden View Post
    You don't win people over by beating them with facts until they surrender; at best all you've got is a conversion under duress, and at worst you've actively made an enemy of your position.

    You don't convince by proving someone wrong. You convince by showing them a better way to be right. The difference may seem subtle or semantic, but I assure you it matters a lot.

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    Default Re: [Godbound] Ten Buried Blades IC

    There's a significant pause from Rem, then a sigh as Governor Jiang tries to deliver his reasons. Well, it's not as if she didn't expect some kind of treachery to happen at some point, but she's going to have to ask what people back home were doing.

    But that's fine. This is an allegiance of convenience, on both their parts.

    "Ming is a dear friend. I am glad our talks went this way. It could certainly have gone much more poorly," Rem remarks, not without some measure of steel in her voice. It's rather rare, for the usually soft-spoken woman.

    "Then, we are agreed. What would you like to do now? I am fine to discuss and solidify the minutiae of our agreement if needed, but in truth, I know we both have wounded amongst our army that we should first tend to. I should like to make that a priority."

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    Default Re: [Godbound] Ten Buried Blades IC

    Starislav sigh.
    'I wouldn't have done such a thing. But I understand, why would you do that. In any case, if she is back, that what matters. It doesn't k'have to be our last meeting- maybe it will be good to agree, that if some conflict arise, we will discuss it, like we do now'
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