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    Default Re: Fate/Grand Order III - Protecc those Smiles

    Well, I finished Shimousa. I have a few thoughts that I'll put into spoilers in case anyone else hasn't finished yet.

    So, first of all, I really liked Musashi as a deuteragonist, she came across as very nuanced and relatable. Also just fun to be around, and I felt she had great chemistry with me/the protagonist. I didn't quite tear up during the burning castle scenes but it was close.

    Second to Musashi, I felt the real stars of the singularity were the three ninjas. Kotarou has definitely moved up my list of servants to level, he was great the whole way through. Mochizuki Chiyome I actually summoned before I got to her chapter, and at first I was like "Ok any four-star is worth it I guess." After playing through her section, I have become very emotional and determined to be the best lord ever for her, and make sure nothing bad happens to her ever again. Danzo's inner conflict regarding the doing the right thing vs obeying her master was very well done, and I'd really like to see her interactions with Kotarou when she would actually remember him.

    Muramasa has shown that he deserves his widespread popularity, although personally I felt he was a bit less interesting then the ninjas. Inshun was not in the story enough for such a cool dude.

    Onui and Tasuke were precious, I was actually super angry when they got dragged into the fighting. I normally don't like Raikou but she gets major points for being nice to them. I feel kinda bad those kids got left behind without any family, although hopefully alt Kiyo and Tama will be able to take care of them. Speaking of which, alt Kiyo and Tama were great.

    All in all, I think Shimousa is going to be my third or fourth favorite main story chapter, competing with Camelot for the 3rd vs 4th place. My favorites being Babylonia and SERAPH (SERAPH is totally a main story chapter IMO).
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    Default Re: Fate/Grand Order III - Protecc those Smiles

    Woah, 50 pages worth of replies again.

    As always, my pleasure to say: New thread is up.
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