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Thread: Sao ttrpg help

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    Default Sao ttrpg help

    What's up guys asking for some help again

    I've taken on the task of writing up my own TTRPG based on Sword Art Online with an already unique system similar to gerps/gurps however its spelled. What i need help with is the game in the anime advertises thousands of swords and I need some. Drop pics and names or just pics and just names of some of your favorite fantasy swords whether they are references or not lets see them!!

    I will also be giving credit where its due if i do use your sword in this game

    Thanks a bunch, Eyes

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    Default Re: Sao ttrpg help

    Must have a reference to a dragon poop sword in there somewhere
    Source: SOA Abridged Parody: Episode 7
    Something Witty Entertainment
    *Warning, video contains harsh language
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