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Thread: Shadow warlock

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    Default Shadow warlock

    I have a ridiculous idea fora shadow warlock. All I have is abase idea right now. Shadow Parton of course, granted the cantrip vine whip. When casting you may forgo the damage and use the whip as a prehensile extension of your shadow and may be used like mage hand. Also dark vision 60 ft. A special invocation granted allowing the caster to cast something similar to grasp of Hadar only as a continuation concentration affect that can restrain the target or targets.
    Spells added to the expanded spell list, grasping vines reflavored to shadow. At 6th lv granting the shadow monk ability of shadow stepping.
    Over all has a very creepy henti feel to it but you get the idea.
    Now that Iím looking at the Hadar spells thatís pretty much the concept of the build. But expanded and more continued control of the spells.
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