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    Default Re: What would the OOTS characters be like in the modern day?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruck View Post
    I want to somehow incorporate Sledge Hammer! into this.
    While purportedly a stickler for law and order, Hammer is rather lax when it actually comes to following police procedure and adhering to regulations. He enjoys roughing up suspected criminals, whom he frequently refers to as "brain-dead mutants", "yogurt-sucking creeps", and the like. He is often suspended from duty, and his police file requires a wheelbarrow to transport...
    Hmm. What character do you think this applies to?
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    Default Re: What would the OOTS characters be like in the modern day?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lacuna Caster View Post
    Ding ding ding! That means you win.

    But yeah, in reading order, Special Agent Miko, Lawyer Celia, Hacker Haley, Hooker/Maneater Sabine, Coroner Tsukiko, DJ Elan, Hitman Therkla and Veteran Roy. (The signature weapon is a big enough part of Roy's MO that I'd figure he has to be part of some military org or other, like maybe a neighbourhood watch or local militia.)

    EDIT: Wait, Mortician is the wrong word. Fixed.
    I'd forgotten to say how much I liked that picture. Bravo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malifice View Post
    (paraphrased) Rulings are not 'House Rules.' Rulings are a DM doing what DMs are supposed to do.
    Quote Originally Posted by greenstone View Post
    Agency means that they {players} control their character's actions; you control the world's reactions to the character's actions.
    Gosh, 2D8HP, you are so very correct (and also quite handsome) ... 2D8HP told me so
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    Default Re: What would the OOTS characters be like in the modern day?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lacuna Caster View Post
    Hmm. What character do you think this applies to?
    I don't think it really applies to any of them. (Miko's overzealousness is of a rather different flavor; Nale has the "disproportionate response" part down, but little else.) But if we're going to update OOTS and bring in guns, I want someone to have a gun of great personal significance and a disturbingly intimate relationship with it.

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    Default Re: What would the OOTS characters be like in the modern day?

    "This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine..."

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    Default Re: What would the OOTS characters be like in the modern day?

    The suggestion about Lirian and her virus is great. Dorukan would be someone who used his engineering and technical chops to become a wide-ranging defense expert. I think we all know a Girard. Kraagor was a military tough man with an accent. Serini we don't really know yet.

    The Sapphire Guard are CIA/special ops types. Soon Kim would be a politician or dictator, albeit with an ironclad moral code, who established them and probably came from the military before he entered politics.

    RC is an anti-imperialist terrorist/freedom fighter who wants to get access to WMDs in order to give his oppressed sect/ethnic group (and later, entire religion and wider ethnic group) diplomatic leverage.

    Xykon's shtick relies on him having immense personal power of the kind real world people can't, the closest analogy would be immense personal wealth gained as an inheritance (which he murdered his parents to get early). Funding RC as an arms dealer and out of personal erratic thrill-seeking.

    Tsukiko was a mystic theurge, so arcane/divine -- instead of theology, let's stretch divine to mean medicine and make her double in medicine and maybe chem (her orb spells are chemical weapons). That would provide a good knowledge base for her unethical experiments.

    xroad's post about the Order as a crime team is great, the challenge is getting Elan involved since as people mentioned the children's entertainer thing is core to his personality. I guess it could be something he does on the side.

    Tarquin and his crew would be corrupt politicians in third-world governments.
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    Default Re: What would the OOTS characters be like in the modern day?

    Roy: Police officer/Private detective, very skilled and the top of his class, so to speak. If he's an officer he's a top notch rookie, if he's a private detective he would be a former officer, probably ousted for some fairly minor thing. Eugene wanted him to get a degree; Roy chose to become an officer.
    Elan: Host of a children's show (a la Mr. Rogers) and Roy's childhood friend, thus why they work together. I mean, what else would Elan do? He probably wouldn't want to be a cop, and being Mr. Rogers is a better fit for him than a music teacher. It also gives him better credentials, meaning his wandering into victory works better.
    Durkon: Devout doctor. I'd imagine he follows his religion quite closely, but wouldn't apply it to his practice. For all intents and purposes, this Durkon would be very similar to the OotS Durkon, albeit with a slight shift from religion to more of the healing bit. I'd imagine Durkon started learning medicine because he read about prosthetics and wanted to help his mother.
    Haley: Crypto! Haley would be a thief, but she'd be doing things digitally. Still has all the necessary tools for robbing a place, but she would be an ace hacker more than a bank robber. Elan's just happy someone mysteriously deposits ridiculous amounts of money into the studio he works at every so often.
    V: Obviously weapons research, not 100% sure which kind. Based on the lots and lots of zappity spells V has, I'd go with experimental lasers and energy weapons. Most are incredibly inefficient, lack a way to reload through normal means or are painfully expensive to try to mass produce (thus making them equivalent to spells that need to be prepared), but V has a couple that pack quite the punch. I don't know what the Familicide moment's equivalent would be like, and I'd rather not try to figure it out.
    Belkar: Belkar is either a gangster or if he is vaguely not-lawless, a bouncer. He knows the whole seedy underbelly of things, and is quick with a knife.

    Eugene: Probably a chemist. He's not dead in this iteration of course, but retired and half bedridden, so he resorts to using a cellphone to talk to people. Constantly.
    Julia: Studying some sort of science, but presumably not really trying her best.
    Ian: Old school burglar, but odds are he has since retired. At least, for the most part. Now a political activist, actively fighting against Tarquin.
    Tarquin: Mayor of a rich city only an hour or so away from the outskirts. Uses his power for his own gain; while most of the city flourishes, only a small bit truly is rich and Tarquin has everything in the palm of his hand. Constantly at odds with Ian's grassroots movement.
    Sigidi: Instead of Roy who would be a cop, Sigidi would be a former army officer. Went off to take down a supply train carrying heavy artillery. Had her arm blown off and sent back.
    Inkyrius and the rest of V's family would be... running a well known local bakery. That's it.

    Azure City and the "main town" would be like Quebec and New York City in the sense that while they are fairly close, the two are very different and have different leadership.
    Soon Kim (and the rest of the Scribbles) would likely be from a full century before the story begins instead of 60ish years; that way they are founders of whatever areas they would be responsible for.
    Soon Kim is the founder of Azure City/the ruler of it when it was a small town and consequently became a more global power under his rule.
    Lirian is a major figure in Botany and Microbiology, credited with discoveries fundamental for today's knowledge.
    Girard would be...well, illusions make me think of a circus trope, so from there I'd guess he's part of a major news network and TV channel. Linked to a shady organization or three.
    Dorukan is either a carpenter or a nuclear physicist known for creating new, more durable materials, along with one or two doomsday devices.
    We don't quite know enough about Kraggor to come up with a proper career for him, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say he would be either a professional martial artist/wrestler or maybe a bodyguard for the rest of the Scirbble.
    Serini: Archaeologist, almost for sure. She'd be an explorer of some type, in a modern setting this is the most applicable one.
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    Default Re: What would the OOTS characters be like in the modern day?

    o have nothing at all to be

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    Default Re: What would the OOTS characters be like in the modern day?

    I don't see Belkar becoming a bouncer by either size or temperament. Being a bouncer is as much about deterrence as anything. You want a big guy who people will think twice about accosting, and you want someone who doesn't just enjoy violence for its own sake the way Belkar does.

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    Default Re: What would the OOTS characters be like in the modern day?

    Maybe he runs a fighting ring.

    And occasionally participates in it.

    Also, if the Order's ever on a tough mission and need a quick hideout, Minrah will give them a place of refuge before she un-courteously gets blinded and killed by Ponchula and Greg, who were the pursuers.

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