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    Default Crossing Vancouver by public Transit

    So odd question: My friends and I are landing in Vancouver, British Columbia soon at the airport. We need to reach one of the two ferry landings pretty quickly (within 4 hours or so) of arriving.

    I was wondering if any of the playgrounders were familiar with that fair city and had tips on the most efficient way to make it cross town? Is the public transit worth tangling with or should we opt for a taxi/lyft/etc?

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    Default Re: Crossing Vancouver by public Transit

    If there's a SkyTrain terminal near the ferry (I'm pretty sure there's one at the airport) then that's usually amazingly fast and convenient.

    I've only been there as a tourist/visitor, but public transit in Van is pretty solid.

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    Default Re: Crossing Vancouver by public Transit

    There is apparently a bus that goes from the airport to the ferry. according to google it'll take about 50 minutes. I'm pretty sure the skytrain doesn't go to the ferry in Tsawassen. You're trying to get to the island, right? Tswassen goes to Nanaimo and Victoria, I think. There's supposed to be a ferry terminal in Vancouver itself, which might be reachable by skytrain.
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