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    Default The World Wound (Legacy Weapon)

    Note: this thread is part of the Age of Warriors project revival, and is a legacy weapon for the unnamed Far Realms Discipline
    This legacy weapon also uses some material from the Magic Item Compendium and Complete Arcane.

    The World Wound

    The World Wound, when not active, appears as a twitching strand of flesh, as thick as a man's arm and perhaps five feet long. It is a dull, black colour and feels cold to the touch. When touched to a living creature's flesh, it begins pulsating and, unless ripped off within the next minute, will attach itself firmly. After that, removing the World Wound requires a willing or helpless wielder and a DC20 strenght check and deals 1 point of constitution damage to the wielder.

    When first attached, the World Wound hangs limply, but over the next 24 hours integrates itself into the wielder's nervous system and becomes a fully functional tentacle, which deals 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage (for a medium sized wielder).

    Note: for the World Wound, roll Knowledge: the planes or Knowledge: dungeoneering (whichever is higher) instead of Knowledge: history.

    The Far Realms are an utterly alien dimension outside of the known multiverse, where the laws of reality break down, or are entirely different. Many of the aberrations that exist in deep and dark corners of the world are said to descend from it. This must be a body part of such a creature, apparently able to live independently, or perhaps some kind of symbionte. Meddling with it could be unwise, but you can feel the vibrations in the World Wound, as if it holds great power.
    (DC 15)

    Finding out more about the aberrant creatures whose flesh you now hold will surely be the goal to unlocking its further power. Many of the spawn of the far realm are said to have strange mutagenic power over flesh and it woud be best to study it.
    (DC 20; The dissection)

    Areas where the Far Realm brushes against our dimension are called Incursions, strange spots where nature is twisted and strange often for centuries. To unlock further powers of the World Wound, you must travel to such a location.
    (DC 25; B)

    The World Wound is more than just a piece of flesh. It is a living breach between dimensions, a sealed gateway to the Far Realm. You can feel it pulling at you, calling you to the greatest of all planar breaches, the Realm of the Blood Queen of the Aboleths, the mightiest of all Far Realm creatures to brush against our reality. There, where a gateway between probabilities has once been torn open and spilled the seed of a different universe into ours, it can return to its home and then return, gorged on the energy of that place outside reality.
    (DC 31; C)

    Legacy Rituals

    The following three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of World Wound.

    The Dissection:
    You must find and slay an aberration with a challenge rating equal to your effective character level, then dissect the corpse, to find out more about the flesh of aberrant creatures. The dissection takes a successful Knowledge: nature or Heal check, DC 20, though someone else may take that check on your behalf while you watch. (The DM is encouraged to make this an aberration with at least some connection to the far realm, as not all do.)
    Cost: 1500gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (World Wound).

    The Study:
    You must study the effect of the far realm on living creatures. To do this, you must find an area affected by energies from the Far Realm, and then study its effects on at least three different living creatures. Those creatures will die or horribly mutate from the effects of this study, which will take you one week. (The DM is encouraged to introduce such an area to the campaign setting and introduce a few fitting encounters during the study time.)
    Cost: 13,000gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (World Wound).

    The Breach
    You must study to the realm of Piscaethes, the Blood Queen in the Hell of Minauros. There, you must use the energies of the World Wound to enter the nearest reaches of the Far Realm and then return, after the World Wound has drunk the power of its home. In the Far Realm, you must make a will save (DC 25) every round. On a success, you return to the realm of the Blood Queen, while on a failure, you take 1d4 points of wisdom drain. (Depending on campaign setting, the DM may wish to instead use a different far realm incursion of similar magnitude and level of danger.)
    Cost: 39,000gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (World Wound).

    Wielder Requirements
    At least one Far Realm maneuver, Base Attack Bonus +3.

    Legacy Item Abilities


    Level Abilities
    5 +1 enhancement
    6 Fleshmender
    7 Budding
    9 +5 ft. reach
    10 --
    11 Unnatural Angles
    12 --
    13 Bent Space
    14 Untethered
    15 Encapsulate
    16 Fusion
    17 Wormhole
    18 --
    19 The World Wound
    20 --

    Fleshmender (su): At 6th level, you can draw on the fleshwarping energies of the World Wound to heal yourself. As a swift action, you can give yourself fast healing 1, or, as another swift action, switch your fast healing off. You can heal up to 15 points of damage per day like this.

    Budding (sp): At 7th level, strange translucent buds or boils grow on the World Wound, in which things can be seen to move. Once per day, you can excrete a living creature from your tentacle. This works as a summon monster II spell, except the type of creature summoned is randomly determined each time you activate this ability and it has the pseudonatural template (complete arcane). If you do not use this ability in any given day, the creature automatically buds out at midnight. At the end of the spell's duration, the creatures decay into a gooey black substance and quickly dissolve.

    Unnatural Angles: At 11th level, the World Wound shifts partially out of this world and gains the Blurstrike property (Magic Item Compendium).

    Bent Space (su): At level 13, you are no longer entirely part of the normal dimensions as long as the World Wound is attached to you. You gain a 20% miss chance, as if you were under the effect of a blur spell.

    Untethered: At 14th level, the World Wound can shunt your enemy through space. It gains the Dislocator property (Magic Item Compendium), with a DC of 16+your constitution modifier.

    Encapsulate (sp): At 15th level, the World Wound can devour an enemy, moving them to the pocket of far realm space inside it once per day. To do this, you must hit a creature with a melee attack with the World Wound. They must then make a Will Save (DC 18+your constitution modifier) or be shunted to a pocket of the Far Realm. This is a conjuration (teleportation) effect. The pocket of far realm space is immensely hostile and the creature takes 1 point of wisdom damage every round it is there, plus 10 points of acid damage and 10 points of bludgeoning damage.
    The victim can cut its way out by using a light slashing or piercing weapon to deal 35 points of damage to the stomach dimension (AC 21). If they do, they appear in any empty space next adjacent to you. In any case, the creature reappears after 15 rounds.

    Fusion (su): At 16th level, the insidious tendrils of the World Wound have spread throughout your body, changing you. You can no longer bleed, becoming immune to any effects that cause it. Additionally, your flesh has become spongy and dark, giving you a 25% chance to resist critical hits and precision damage.

    Wormhole (sp): At 17th level, you can cast dimension door as a spell-like ability three times per day.

    The World Wound (sp): At 19th level, the World Wound achieves its true purpose and becomes able to open tears in the fabric of space to the Far Realm that horribly twists the bodies of anyone near you. You can do this once per day as a standard action. A pulsating rift in space opens, as a 15 ft. emanation centered on you. All other creatures in the emanation take 6d6 points of untyped damage and 1d4 points of constitution damage per turn and must take a will save (DC 19+your constitution modifier) or be dazed for one round. Any activity that involves concentration (such as casting a spell or using a spell-like ability) requires a Concentration check (DC 25 + spell level) to succeed in that area.
    Any creature that would be killed by this damage is raised again 1d6 days later with the Pseudonatural template.

    Aberrations and creatures from the far realm are unaffected by the World Wound.
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