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Thread: Character Ideas

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    Default Character Ideas

    Just a newish player looking to make a cool character for another campaign. Nothing specific needed, just cool character builds from anything, which includes UA, SCAG, Critical Role, or Xanthar's. Just no super overpowered MinMax ButtBlasting Rogue or whatever. I just want to know things like Race, Class, Subclass, and AS prioritization. Thanks in advance for any ideas brought to the figurative table.

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    Default Re: Character Ideas

    Way too broad. I could throw out infinite characters at you. At least give us a little more detail. Do you prefer casters or melee types? Are you looking for something simple, but effective, or some more complicated multiclassed options?

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    Default Re: Character Ideas

    What do you want your character to do?

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    Default Re: Character Ideas

    In addition to the questions above, what will be the campaign about?

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    Default Re: Character Ideas

    Just a few concepts I've had that might be fun to play as:

    Race: Kenku
    Class: Artificer (2019 UA)
    Subclass: Alchemist (2019 UA)
    AS prioritization: INT/DEX
    RP prompt: play the character like a medieval plague doctor, re-flavoring attack can-trips as throwing leeches at the enemy and using salves and medicine to heal the party.

    Race: Tabaxi
    Class: Rogue
    Subclass: Thief (PHB)
    AS prioritization: Dex / Cha
    RP prompt: tabaxi are curious creatures with an abnormally high speed. play a kleptomaniac who steals things the rest of the party doesn't see as valuable, then use your high speed to run away.

    Race: half elf
    Class: Warlock
    Subclass: (great old one, pact of tome)
    AS prioritization: CHA / CON
    RP prompt: pretend your character found a mysterious book from an elder god, and are using it's powerful magic to try and learn more about it's mysterious origin. bonus points if you choose cthulhu as your patron.

    Race: Variant human (take the tavern brawler feat)
    Class: Fighter / Barbarian
    Subclass: battle-master if mostly fighter, or totem if barbarian
    AS prioritization: STR / CON
    RP prompt: you are a master of unarmed/ improvised combat. charge into battle in a rage and grapple enemies, before hitting them with whatever is within arms reach, using your fists if nothing else is available.

    Race: wood elf
    Class: druid
    Subclass: moon
    AS prioritization: WIS / CHA or INT
    RP prompt: besides being the typical nature loving druid, you wildshape as often as you can, spending more time as a bear or other woodland creature than as an elf.

    if you have any specific Race/Class/Setting stuff you want a character prompt for, let me know!
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    d6 Re: Character Ideas

    For giggles, how about a Warforged Mystic/Artificer?

    ...a Warmystificer.

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    Default Re: Character Ideas

    Any race can play any class unless you're min-maxing, or choosing one of the SCAG classes that requires a class (such as Bladesinger)
    • Tempest Cleric with 3 levels in EK Knight, as a Cleric of Thor. Weapon Bond makes all weapons returning weapons.
    • A Kensai Monk with 3 levels of Arcane Archer, as Hawkeye, or the Green Arrow
    • A Grappler Barbarian with 3 levels of Primeval Guardian Ranger (UA), as the Hulk
    • A Rogue with 2 levels of Trickster Cleric, allowing you & a buddy to sneak around

    If Critical Role is a thing, then Play a Blood hunter. Unless there's been a rewrite, I seem to remember they were fairly broken.
    Always looking for critique of my 5E homebrew!

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    Default Re: Character Ideas

    1. Minotaur Bard who has a fever. And the only prescription, is more cowbell.

    2. Warforged Warlock. Laser shooting robot!

    3. Half-Orc barbarian that believes he is a mighty wizard. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showt...rbarian-Wizard)

    4. Goliath drunken master that loves a good bar fight.

    5. A kobold paladin of conquest, out to prove the power of kobold-kind.

    6. A Drow Cleric of the Light. Everytime he uses his abilities, he blinds himself.

    7. A firbolg druid that is allergic to animals and most plants.

    8. A goblin wizard that wears a fine suit complete with top hat and monocle. Dreams of living "the good life."

    9. An Ogre Luchador.

    10. A happy dwarf sorcerer that seduces every orc he sees.

    11. A human that seduces EVERYTHING he sees and records the offspring in his journal. (The reason why we have so many halfbreeds).

    So there's a few for ya.

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    Default Re: Character Ideas

    Spoiler: the back story
    So, once upon a time a spell-caster came to the village of Dorfweitwegvonüberall, and made a grand entrance with his hat and robe with stars and moons, and his wand, and changing reality to fit his will.

    The Spell Caster, being bored decided to look for some action, or make some. In looking around he finally laid eyes on a young lady named Gertrudt.

    It just so happens that a young lad of the village by the Hans also long had eyes for Gertrudt, and he didn't like "Mr. High-and-mighty-magic-man" eyeing his girl (or rather the girl whom he'd like to be his girl).

    With Hans was his dog (puppy really) called Fritz.

    Now Fritz didn't know why, but he could sense that the man in the robe leaning over the fence, talking to the large human women, was angering his boy Hans, and in an instant, Fritz's little doggie mind made a split decision to bite the robed man.

    "Ouch! What the...? Away you miserable cur!"

    ...bellowed the spell-caster as he kicked at the little dog, and just when he raised his wand and started an incantation (as testified to by two village men of good reputation, "who saw the whole thing")...BAM!

    Hans, defending his dog went right behind the magic-user, and bashed in his skull with a shovel.

    Upon seeing the magician dead (and the size of his coinpurse), the good people of Dorfweitwegvonüberall declared that Hans had rid them of a great evil that had turned several of the regulars at villages tavern (called "The Tavern") into toads the night before (they got better).

    Hans gloried in the new attention, everyone looked at him differently, especially Gertrudt (who now looked at him at all), and soon it was decided that there was a whole world full of Wizards, Warlocks, and Witches, that had to be met by a hero of Hans stature, and the world couldn't wait, and he needed to go right now!

    And so Hans, handed some rations, a bedroll, and an axe, set forth.

    Spoiler: the Build

    Race: Standard Human

    Background: Folk Hero

    Class: Barbarian

    STR:16, DEX:15, CON:14, INT:9 WIS:13, CHA:11
    (Standard Array)

    Skills: Animal Handling, Athletics, Perception, Survival

    Second Level: A level of Rogue
    Additional Skill: Stealth

    Expertise in
    : Perception, and Stealth

    Third Level
    : Barbarian to 2nd level

    Levels 4 to 5
    : Rogue to third level
    Subclass: Swashbuckler

    Levels 6 to 16:
    Fighter to 11th level
    Fighting Styles Archery, Great Weapon Fighting

    Subclass: Champion

    ASI's:+4 STR, +1 DEX, +1 WIS

    Levels 17 - 20
    : Rogue to 7th level
    ASI: +2 DEX

    Expertise in: Athletics, and Thieves tools

    So, meta-game is not allowed!

    So, your tactic will NOT be valid!

    So, especially by you Lucius Threvor "The Nameless King", whom, as a baby, snakes covered like a throne, and Camponents tried to kill!
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