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Or perhaps there was a tradeoff. Maybe "more autonomy for higher magic use" or something was the previous setting, and now she has to allocate.
That is a really good point, actually, and would work very well. Hm. We'll have to see where Dan takes it.

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My guess is that Fox was more limited in the past because she (EDIT: Nanase) couldn't transfer as much of her (Edit: Nanase's) own mind power to her (Edit: Fox). When it switched to manual, without the automatic cap, she accidentally transferred more than was needed and didn't have much left. Doesn't mean that her spell is weaker now, just that because the gears used to change automatically she didn't realise she needed to change gears, didn't, and stalled.
I'm not sure this one works though - it seemed that both Fix and Nanase were struggling to think at all, so I don't think it was the case that Nanase was simply putting too much "mind power" in. Unless I'm misunderstanding your gear-changing analogy?