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    Default Superdeath Highway

    Hi, this is the "Table" at which we will be playing Superdeath Highway! New people are welcome to join at every new game.

    Spoiler: Objectives

    Each player has 7 total objectives. Completing these are required to win the game. Failing to perform any objectives by the time that someone else wins the game will usually mean you lose the game.

    The 7 objectives are three established by your archetype, three secret objectives decided by a dice roll, and one final objective decided by you. You must complete all six objectives before completing your final objective. You may choose to reveal your final objectives at any point, but the secret objectives must be completed in secret. Once the objective is complete, you may not even tell others you have completed a secret objective.

    Many objectives are abstract, like Eat a Human or Save an Innocent. Others with an asterik are completed once you complete your final objective under specific conditions.

    Spoiler: Archetypes

    Each Archetype is a sort of character. Some are classified as Good, Evil, or Innocent, but do not decide how you play your character. You do not, at any point, have to reveal your archetype to anyone else in the game, and you may lie about your archetype. If you are a Special, the Good/Evil/Innocent tag of your Special Form overrides your main archetype's tag.

    The Hero: [GOOD]
    It's your destiny to do good. You're suave, strong, and good-natured.

    Save an Innocent
    Fight an Evil
    Do a Quest

    The Zealot:
    You believe that the salvation for humanity is through God, or gods, or whatever forces you believe in.

    Find a Relic
    Show the Way to a Stranger
    Heal a party member

    The Scoundrel: [EVIL]
    You're willing to do what it takes to reach your goals, even if it involves taking from others.

    Take something valuable
    Betray someone
    Do a Quest

    The Weirdo: [INNOCENT]
    Your DNA changed by the radiation, you're powerful, but prone to psychotic breakdowns and shunned by society.

    Make an Ally or Kill an Enemy
    Eat a Human
    Fight an Evil or Fight a Good

    The Canine Companion:
    You're Man's best friend, with a surprising fortitude and an unexplained power of intelligence.

    Make an Ally
    Don't Betray anyone (*)
    Complete an Ally's Objective

    The Survivor:
    You're always the last man standing. You're ready for anything the world throws at you.

    Reach the End of the Road (*)
    Escape a Danger
    Don't get Hurt (*)

    The Family:
    You're a small family of no less than three people, trying to get by. You have one secret objective for every family member and one special Family final objective.

    Pick one at random for each family member.

    The Special:
    You are a Zealot, Survivor, Hero, Canine, or Scoundrel, with a secret other form, be it werewolf, vampire, or alien, decided at random. Each one has a special final objective and a special set of secret objectives and abilities for their alternate form. With the exception of the Alien, you can choose to take this alternate form any night.

    Spoiler: Special Forms

    Vampire: [EVIL]
    You gain power by drinking the blood of non-mutated Humans, tapping into an occult force.

    Secret Objectives:
    Kill and devour two humans at night
    Find a Relic
    Kill a party member at night
    Night Abilities:
    Bonus Abilities:

    Werewolf: [INNOCENT]
    You're an unwilling servant of bloodlust.

    Secret Objectives:
    Keep your identity secret (*)
    Allow yourself to go primal three times
    Night Abilities:

    Alien: [EVIL]
    You're an invader on Earth, trying to take over what remains of Humanity.

    Secret Objectives:
    Keep your identity secret (*)
    Lay your eggs in every party member
    Bonus Abilities:

    Wildcard: [RANDOM]
    You're playing everything at random, a pure creation of the wasteland. Take three abilities at random, six secret objectives at random, and a final objective at random. For every character you meet, you must decide at random whether they are an ally or enemy. You must also take a good, evil, or innocent tag at random.

    You're a grizzled traveler of the highway, having an intimate knowledge of the dangers ahead.

    Find a Relic or Valuable
    Don't become Crazy, Special, or Mutated.
    Help an Ally win or make an Enemy lose (*)

    You're in tune with spirits and the old Gods, giving you unexplained powers.

    Commune with the Dead
    Discover an Evil
    Find or Destroy a Relic

    Detective: [GOOD]
    You're a grizzled detective, solving the mysteries of the Mojave, rooting out evil wherever it is. You start the game with a Gun, with only one bullet.

    Reveal your identity
    Discover 3 secrets
    Be betrayed

    Spoiler: Abilities

    These abilities are abstract things that your character is good at or is an attribute they have. They typically make any action involving that ability work better or allows you to do something others cannot. They're listed below in alphabetical order.

    Bound: You're bound to a God or an occult force. When you please them, things tend to go well for you.

    Crazy: You're insane, often making you lose control or not think logically.

    Healer: You can heal yourself or others using simple materials, magic, or mutation.

    Fighter: You can use weapons or superior strength to fight others.

    Friendly: It's easy for you to convince others to do what you say, because you're likable.

    Lucky: You always manage to find your way out of a scrape at the last minute.

    Mutant: You have extreme physical power, but suffer from stupidity and are often shunned by society.

    Occult: In the night, you can communicate with dead party members while you sleep or make a sacrifice to learn a secret. You can attempt contact with a god, but it is often risky.

    Quick: You're fast, making it harder to get hit and making you move faster.

    Seeing: Every turn, you can choose to see a random encounter before it happens, know what another player is doing while you sleep, or investigate something somebody said.

    Sensitive: You have incredibly senses of hearing, smelling, and empathy.

    Stable: You are immune to insanity and emotion, making you impossible to manipulate.

    Superpowered: You have unexplained and extremely powerful abilities that vary from archetype to archetype and character to character.

    Prepared: You often happen to have just the right tool for any job.

    Primal: You have no control over your actions, and can only act directly towards completing an objective or fulfilling an instinct.

    Spoiler: Secret Objectives

    These objectives cannot be told to anyone unless they are an Ally and are required for victory. They cannot contradict one of your normal objectives or another secret objective. To get your objectives, roll a d6 for your first digit (6 being a 0) and a d10 for your second digit three times. A 0 for one of your objective rolls means that you do not have to take any secret objectives. Objectives with a double asterisk can only be achieved when playing in person, and are not available for play-by-post. If completing an objective is not possible or conflicts with another, reroll.

    1. Betray someone
    2. Make a sacrifice
    3. Kill a party member
    4. Kill an Innocent
    5. Die
    6. Make someone fail an objective
    7. Eat a human
    8. Defeat an Evil
    9. Kill an Ally
    10. Kill an Enemy
    11. Destroy a Relic
    12. Make an Ally
    13. Make an Enemy
    14. Keep your identity a secret (*)
    15. Find a gun (Cannot be taken by the Detective)
    16. Don't get hurt (*)
    17. Help someone complete a Final Objective
    18. Convince the party to take on a Danger
    19. Make a Sacrifice
    20. Fight an NPC
    21. Hug every party member
    22. Make an obscure pop culture reference
    23. Discover a secret
    24. Accuse a party member of betrayal
    25. Start a Dungeon
    26. Cause an argument over the rules of the game
    27. Lie about the outcome of a die roll (but not to the DM, that's cheating)
    28. Never reveal a secret objective (*)
    29. Befriend an NPC
    30. Provoke an NPC
    31. Make the entire party move forward during the night
    32. Make an Innocent no longer innocent
    33. Backstab an NPC
    34. Seduce a Stranger
    35. Save a party member's life
    36. Remove a human's heart
    37. Pretend to be another archetype (*)
    38. Lie to an Ally
    39. Tell a secret to an Enemy
    40. Make a wild accusation of a party member
    41. Make someone else make a sacrifice
    42. Cause Harm to yourself
    43. Nearly die, but don't
    44. Steal a valuable
    45. Steal a relic
    46. Make a false relic
    47. Convince the party that you have won the game
    48. Make the DM laugh (**)
    49. Make up a rule and have the players fall for it
    50. Convince the party to eat a party member
    51. Sing a song and get at least one party member to join in (**)
    52. Openly distrust a party member
    53. Convince a party member to abandon the party
    54. Don't say any swear words (*)(**)
    55. Make an obscene joke
    56. Intentionally disregard one of your abilities
    57. Fail to solve three problems
    58. Avoid all dangers (*)
    59. Make somebody accidentally reveal a secret objective (**)

    Spoiler: Final Objectives

    These objectives decide who wins the game and when. Upon completion, all without an asterisk end the game, granting a victory to the person who achieved it. You may reveal your final objective, but only after the game has begun. No discussion beforehand is allowed. After ten turns, you can change your final objective, but you must complete all of your normal objectives again before winning. You can choose these after or before receiving your secret objectives, but must be chosen before the game begins.

    Survive 15 days on the highway(*)
    Abandon your party (*)
    Kill your party
    Reach the End of the Road
    Be the Last One Standing
    Have at least half of your party survive to the end of the game
    Find the true identities of every party member (*)
    Convince the party to abandon or kill one random member (Decided by die roll at start of the game)(*)
    Sacrifice yourself (*)
    Make another player quit the game
    Fight every NPC and Player you meet before you die
    Kill a Superpowered party member (without superpowers) (*)
    Convince the party to head back down the road
    Complete your objectives as well as three more objectives and two more secret objectives (*)
    Avoid all Dangers to the end of the game
    Have no evil players in your party survive to the end of the game
    Make every player laugh at once (**)
    Survive 5 Dangers (*)
    Make a party member reveal all their secrets (*)
    Eat three humans (*)
    Do something badass
    Appease a God
    Finish a Dungeon
    Cheat at the game without the DM noticing and survive to the end of the game
    Make the game End prematurely (**)
    The Family has a specific final objective, and that is to keep every single family member alive up to the end of the game, for no less than 10 turns.

    Spoiler: Definitions

    Abandon: Leave party members behind on the road or in a dungeon. You are far more vulnerable in smaller numbers, so leaving behind a single party member or going off alone will usually result in insanity or death.

    Alien eggs: Once per night, an Alien can make contact with a sleeping or unconcious party member to lay their eggs. After 5 turns, the character will become another Alien.

    Ally: You can designate party members as Allies, allowing you to share secret objectives or identities and converse privately at night. You cannot Fight an ally, but you can Backstab or Betray them. Any allies can see all communication you have with the DM.

    Backstab: You can take people by surprise in combat. If successful, you are more likely to incapacitate them without taking damage.

    Betray: Actively and openly perform any action that would either harm, kill, or make victory impossible for a character without directly acting on them.

    Canines: Dogs, wolves, or coyotes. They are generally non-intelligent innocent creatures, unless they are a player character.

    Cheating: Lying to the DM about your dice rolls, changing your objectives during the game, lying when the DM asks a question, doing actions you can't really do, or lying about the rules to trick a party member are all forms of cheating. Any party member can accuse another of cheating at any time, as long as they are not Allies. If you are found guilty by a 4/5 vote of the party, you must take on three extra secret objectives. If you aren't caught cheating, nobody has to know, do they?

    Creature: Any living thing.

    Danger: Any fight or situation that poses a fatal risk to the party or to any player character.

    Defeat an Evil: Either win a fight against an Evil character, do something to make an Evil character no longer evil, or defeat an evil force or god.

    Defeat a Good: Either win a fight against a Good character, do something to make a Good character no longer good, or defeat a good force or god.

    Detective: The Detective has the special ability to, every night, either a) watch a player (in case they do something other than sleep), b) learn one random secret objective among the team, or c) spend three consecutive nights investigating one person. On the third night, you learn their identity. All three of these prevent you from sleeping.

    Devour: For Vampires, Werewolves, and Aliens, you can eat human meat or blood to heal yourself or grant yourself super abilities.

    Dungeons: Ocassionally, you can stumble upon a building, cave, or city, with some great object of value, but many rigorous trials in your way. They are very difficult and require teamwork and trust. They will often take several turns to get through, but beating a dungeon will end the game and reward all players who survived to the end with a victory as long as they completed all non-secret objectives and they did not fail their final objective. You can usually quit a dungeon at any time, but the entire party must agree on starting or quitting a dungeon, unless someone is abandoned or abandons the party.

    End of the Road: The end of the Superdeath Highway. Reaching this generally ends the game. If you have not completed your objectives before reaching the end of the road, you lose.

    Enemy: You can designate party members as Enemies, preventing them from approaching you during the night or using abilities on you. All allies must agree on designating an enemy. If your enemy wins the game, you lose, even if you had the same objectives.

    Evil: Any character who is naturally evil or an evil force or god.

    Fight: With the Fighter ability, you can fight characters, allowing you to risk damage in order to damage others.

    Good: Any character who is naturally good or a good force or god.

    Gun: A specific valuable that can be used six times to instantly kill any creature. Superpowered creatures require the use of four shots to kill.

    Harm: An abstract representation of serious damage, often life threatening. A player dies when they take 3 Harm. Harm can only be healed by resting for an entire turn. When you are at 2 Harm, you cannot move down the road, but you can move back up the road. It is up to you to keep track of your harm.

    The Highway: The titular highway. The ultimate ending to the game lies at the end of the highway. You can travel forward or backward along the highway as much as you want, and the length varies from game to game. The length of the road decides the rate of travel. Going backwards lessens the chances of bad things happening and allows you to revisit NPCs or locations from earlier.

    Human: Any non-mutated and non-magical human.

    Innocent: Any character who has not done anything evil, is naturally incapable of deciding to be evil or good, or has no concept of evil or good.

    Item: An abstract non-valuable non-relic that can be used to harm someone, solve a problem, or do a job, but only once.

    Kit: A Valuable that allows a non-healer to heal 6 harm. A Healer can use a Kit 12 times.

    Night: The second half of every turn is night. For human and normal canine characters, you must sleep all night once every two days or face disadvantages for every day you don't sleep. However, sleeping means that you can't do things during the night, including speaking to allies, moving down the road, or perform night abilities. Werewolves, Aliens, and Vampires gain their special forms during the night and have special abilities that can only be activated during the night.

    Party: All player characters or NPCS that have joined the journey.

    Person: Any sentient character.

    Quest: Occasionally, an NPC will give you an additional objective that you can complete to get a reward from the NPC in question. If the NPC dies, you cannot complete the Quest.

    Relic: Any item of religious or occult value. It can be used as a tool to cure an illness or harm a Vampire or Werewolf in their Special Form. A relic can be sacrificed to revive a dead party member unless they are a Special.

    Sacrifice: To sacrifice, you can offer up the destruction of a relic or valuable, a self-sacrifice, or the death of an innocent for assistance from a god or fulfillment of an objective.

    Secret: Any secret objective or identity for players or secret held by an NPC.

    Stranger: Any NPC that you are not well-acquainted with.

    Turn: A turn represents one day and one night. You can move one section on the road for every day or night, and every time you move you activate a random encounter.

    Valuable: Any item with extreme monetary or sentimental value. It abstract items with no distinct physical existence until they are used or otherwise described. Valuables can be used at any time to solve a hard problem. If a Valuable is used to harm or kill, it is a Gun. If a Valuable is used to heal by a non-healer, it is a Kit.

    The Way: A Zealot's religious beliefs or the pathway to appeasing a god or force.

    Spoiler: Play

    Play is divided into Turns, which consist of one day and one night. In a day or night, the party can travel 1 space up the road or sleep, but you can only sleep at night. Night abilities like those of the Detective or the Special cannot be used if the party decides to travel instead of sleep.

    The road has a predetermined length. For this first game, it will be 5. When the end of the road is reached, the entire party dies, or a player completes all of their objectives, the game ends.

    When you travel 1 space on the road, you will come across an encounter. Encounters can be beneficial or harmful, but are decided solely by the DM however they choose.

    Players are allowed to communicate publicly through posts, but you may only communicate privately with Allies, which must be clearly declared to everyone.

    Play generally begins with a flavourful introduction by the DM and Party members about the Party, and a special Start Encounter. However, both of these are optional.

    In all encounters, players are not allowed to think for very long, and are encouraged to make up as much flavour on the spot if they can. All things should have a name made up on the spot, and nobody is allowed to question names. I encourage you remove your backspace key to assist in this an endevour endeavour.

    I'll be making a DM guide if the first game goes well to assist others in running their own game.

    I've decided to start with a flavourful introduction.

    Highway Sixty-five, as it was called in the old world, connects the town of Junkboy Town to the hidden bunker of Refuge, which promises clean water and a safe and peaceful life. It also has advanced technology that could be used to save countless lives, but the Highway has proved too treacherous an egress for the people of Refuge. You have decided to rendezvous in Junkboy Town to travel to Refuge with a party. In the Last Stop Tavern, you meet each-other for drinks.

    An Old Lady outside offers you each a Valuable in return for a Relic.
    A Mercenary offers to help you down the Road in return for a Valuable.
    A Merchant offers you two valuables if you Abandon one of your party members as a slave.

    1. What is your name?
    2. What are you drinking?
    3. List any alliances and enemies within the party you have if you have them.
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    Default Re: Superdeath Highway

    A burly, scarred man sits here, drinking rum. He wears animal skins and a number of bone charms and trinkets. His face is marked with tumors, and he has a long, heavy staff, almost a club, decorated with animal bones.

    Orkam Stormeye is here.
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