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    Default Re: An Eclectic Collection of Fun and Effective Builds

    Really like what's going on here. I *tried* to look at all builds so I do not repeat. I think I don't, feel free to correct me.

    *Korg- the push*

    A cow that made an accord with her cloud of flies, they can pester her, but they must obey- and push push push!

    Minotaur battlemaster/swarm keeper

    Start stats 17 13 12 8 16 8 (tasha for 2 str and 1 wis, point buy)
    The basic trick here, is you can knock things, far far away, every turn, in melee. Comes online at 4th, apex at 9th. She is best used to push enemies to hazards from far far away, where they think they are safe. Can create some herself.
    Levels 1-6 fighter battlemaster- defense, pushing attack(choose any other maneuvers you like)
    At 4th take crusher(+1 str), at 6th take tough(that 12 con hurts). Or wis +2.
    7-9 ranger swarmkeeper. Choose any 2nd fighting style really. Spells- I thing Entangle and hunter's mark are a must. There are a ton of good choices for the rest.
    10th ranger again- choose mobile so you can reach pushed targets with more ease, to push again, or tough.
    From here you can go fighter or ranger, i'd take 2 more fighter for another asi then go ranger 8 for more spells and swarmkeeper stuff. Spike growth can really hurt, you can launch a foe with one strike a distance of 35 ft(so you do not chase him into the spikes) resulting in taking 7*2d4 damage. Decent. A

    This build can come to it's apex sooner, using only swarmkeeper till 5th then switching to fighter, but I thought playing him without heavy armor is a serious pain
    Also you can go 1 fighter- 5 swarm keeper- more fighter.
    That gets you heavy armor, but delaying crusher and extra attack for 1 level, which hurts.
    It Depends what level you are starting at.

    Distance calcs-

    At 4th level you can push- 5(crusher)+10(hammering horns), no resources. Add pushing attack to get a whopping 40 feet push a turn.

    At 9th level you can push, with no resources, 5(crusher)+10(hammering horns)+15(swarm)= 30 feet. It's hard to pull all of this off-
    You must-
    Hit first attack- crusher and swarm activate.
    Enemy fails str save(ranger spell dc)
    Need to run up 20 feet to the enemy and hit 2nd time.
    Immediately use hammering horns with bonus action.
    Enemy needs to fail 2nd saving throw and be pushed another 10 ft.

    But- 30 is a ton. And you can try this every single turn. 5 feet push is almost a guarantee, just need to hit once. More likely you'll pull off also the swarm/hammering horns, so likely 15-20 ft. A turn.
    If you need more push- use pushing attack on second hit, gives you 15 more to a maximum of 45 ft per turn.
    Action surge to dash/attack more for ridicules pushing outside of the map.

    This girl uses a maul and heavy armor, hits for decent damage and can use swarm+maneuvers+hunter's mark for extra damage.
    She is a melee control beast with manuevers and spells like entangle, ensnaring strike and web. Good dc's all around too.

    Variation- more size less push- go rune knight instead of battle master so you can push huge creatures by going large. You miss on pushing attack.

    It's a tough call which variation to choose because huge creatures almost finishes this strat if you can't go large. But this gal has lot's to do other than pushing because of ranger spells and maneuvers/runes. Keep in mind that swarm can push regardless to size, so you can still get some push on huge+ creatures even without rune knight.

    Another option is going duergar battlemaster for enlarge(instead of rune knight's enlarge), and grabbing shield master instead of +2 wis. you get all the stuff this way, but, I don't like this because I rather have hammering horns and 18 wis for the swarm push dc, and shield master is a feat you need to take, hurts this asi hungry character a lot.

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    Default Re: An Eclectic Collection of Fun and Effective Builds

    Hi all! I have been working on something special, and after getting advice on GWM and GWF from a recent thread I started, I think I'm going to post it here.

    Great Weapon Accuracy:

    Race: Shadar Kai Elf
    Class: Fighter
    Subclass: Samurai
    Ability Scores: 8 STR, 14+2 DEX, 15+1 CON, 10 INT, 14 WIS, 10 CHA
    ASIís: Revenant Blade (DEX) @4, Elven Accuracy (DEX) @6, +2 DEX @8, Great Weapon Fighter @12, Medium Armor Master @14, [email protected], Lucky @19.
    Fighting Styles: Great Weapon Fighter, Defense
    Note: In order for this build to work, using the double-bladed scimitar from Wayfarer's guide to Eberron. In addition, you cannot use the -5/+10 from GWM, as it specifies a heavy weapon.

    AC: 15(Breastplate)+3(DEX/Medium Armor Master)+1(Defense)+1(Revenant Blade)=20. Not the best AC, which is a weakness of this build, but still more than functional.

    Essentially, this build functions due to two key features. First, Revenant Blade allows us to use the double-bladed scimitar, a two-handed weapon, as a finesse weapon. Second, we have elven accuracy, because duh, elven accuracy.

    If your DM allows the use of GWF to reroll all damage dices, not just weapon dice, (RAW is slightly ambiguous about this) then this build becomes even better.
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