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    Default The Old Keep (Take Two)

    Moved from Homebrew.
    There is a lot of good Ideas in that thread, so check it out.

    Great Dragon: I tend to post things as I think of them, sorry.

    Let me see: I wanted to make the area around the Old Keep (and the Keep itself) more interesting, and have it where there were a lot of Named Locations (usually Caves that each lead into Dungeon) with the various Monstrous Humanoid Tribes being Named (at least by themselves) with Unique Leaders.
    These are details that the PCs can discover In Game.

    The History is for the Region and goes back to 2,000 years before the current Twainsmeet Keep Lord.

    I have the names of the Lords of Feywatch Keep (now a Dungeon) for several hundred years.
    But, no real details on what happened while each Race (Moon Elves and Mountain Dwarves) was in charge.

    -800 years. 50 Yuan-ti purebloods and 10 Yaun-ti malison.

    -1,000 years. 1 Gnoll Pack Lord. 6 Gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu and 40 Gnolls.

    -1,500 years. Bugbear Chief and 100 Bugbears.

    -2,000 years. 2 Cloud Giants.
    The last Feywatch Lord was driven out by Grymourna Deathveil, the Hobgoblin Necromancer and her minions, both Living and Undead. Very little is known about what happened after this event, but Feywatch Keep has remained abandon for about 700 years.

    The current Dwarves that are under Twainsmeet Keep (Old Keep) are descendants of the Dwarves from Feywatch Keep. As such, they have little trust of the local Moon Elves (or most other Elves, but not Half-Elves), dislike Half-orcs, and have not spoken to any of the Clans from the Mountain Dwarven Kingdom in nearly a century.

    Need some kind of current large problem for the local Moon Elves, to explain why they have retreated into the Forest, and are allowing both Bandits and Humanoid Monsters to wander their territory. (No Drow, please.)
    6 Gorgon roaming the edges of their city.

    I do have an Idea for a BBEG that is behind this.

    I also need as much detailed History for both the Mountain Dwarves and the Moon Elves for at least 700 years.

    Elven Kingdom.
    -250 years. 4 Dark Naga.

    -500 years. 30 Ogres.

    -700 years. Gultyhias Tree.

    -1,000 years. 7 Green Hags.

    -1,500 years. 10 Spirit Naga.

    -2,000 years. 100 Urds.

    Dwarven Kingdom
    -250 years. 6 Umber Hulks.

    -500 years. 10 Stone Giants.

    -700 years. 8 Bone Naga.

    -1,000 years. 6 Frost Giants.

    -1,500 years. 4 Mind Flayers with 25 Intellect Devourers, and 50 Orc slaves.

    -2,000 years. 3 Juvenile White Dragons.
    More is always welcome!!
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    Default Re: The Old Keep (Take Two)

    It should be noted that the people of Twainsmeet don't have much luck in the Forest, and will avoid entering it at all costs.

    Adventurers stick to the well traveled and marked path to the local Dungeon.
    Usually, only one Adventuring Party will go to the Dungeon a week, most return.

    For those that are willing to pay, a map of the Dungeon's First Level can be gotten: The rooms remain the same, but the rooms almost always have different contents and monsters; while passages also remain constant, traps change type and location constantly. Oddly, any maps of lower Dungeon Levels vanish, even if kept in extra-dimentional spaces.

    The Butte Dwarves are not bothered in this way, but rarely have reason to enter the Forest, and will talk about the Dungeon with reluctance: They have little need for wood, and grow their own herbs and brewing supplies.

    Trading their textile products for exotic foods and precious metals and gems.

    A seige on these Dwarves is futile, so long as magic works.
    Cave 01 Stratwe Den
    = Night Seer Goblin Tribe. 50 combatants.
    Boss: Grakt the Scarred.
    10th level Conquest Paladin.

    The Ironjaws Clan of the Mountain Dwarven is the secret trade partner with these Goblins.
    Grakt takes 6 Goblins with him and meets Athulfond (LE. Level 10 Rogue/Thief with Guild Merchant) with 6 Dwarven veterans in a small cavern just inside the northern border of the Forest.

    Cave 02 Linris Hideout
    = Lightning Kin Orc Tribe 40 combatants.
    Boss: Grugda Viznud
    Level 10 Hexblade - Blade

    Cave 03 Farandaway Falls
    Bonebane Gnoll Tribe. 60 combatants.
    Boss: Rrikkin Rentbash
    Level 10 Long Death Monk.

    Cave 04 Proudfort
    Bloodscream Ogre Clan 45 combatants.
    Boss: Airut Fiekut
    No class levels, but has Resistances of a Bear Barbarian 3 times a day.
    (I'll need to look up what CR this would make him - I'm thinking CR 5)

    Cave 05 Dunladen Downs (Grey Crypt)
    Dayheller Hobgoblin Tribe. 75 combatants.
    Boss: Vucnafna Dayheller.
    Level 8 Fighter Eldritch Knight.

    Cave 06 Skullfaced Cave
    Supriya Bugbear Tribe 25 combatants.
    Boss: Thevraki Grindskull
    Level 9 Ranger Gloom Stalker.

    Cave 07 Sneaktrap = Kobold Lair.
    100 combatants.
    Boss: Vhozuxed the Blessed.
    Male Spellscale Kobold Level 10 Soul Sorcerer.

    Cave 08 The Soundless Inn
    Xyrpiz Duergar Clan 55 combatants.
    Boss: Zhumnaho Darkblessed
    Level 9 Valer Bard.

    Cave 09 Lamefoot Tunnels
    Kocker Minotaur Tribe 40 combatants.
    Boss: Tinaken Ironbane
    No class levels, but has 3d6 Sneak Attack.
    Skulker feat to get better chance of sneaking up on victims relying on darkvision. (CR 6)

    Cave 10 Charnaos Chapel
    Vandree Drow House. 80 combatants.
    Boss: Truhanolqun
    Lv 9 Priestess of Lolth.

    House Captain: Nundodrora
    Lv 7 Eldritch Knight.
    Help coming up with History and Traits for each Boss much appreciated!!
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    Default Re: The Old Keep (Take Two)

    Important Characters

    Ivellios Moonbrook Moon Elf (m) NE
    Ancients Paladin 3/Archfey Warlock-Blade 3.
    Ht 58 Wt 135 Eyes Ice (Azure) Hair Blonde.

    Str 15 Dex 10 (8) Con 14
    Int 11 (10) Wis 12 Cha 13
    +2 Dex +1 Int

    Ivellios started out a devoted Defender of the Elven People and Nation, but with the ways from the City blocked, and the change of Elves' attitude, he became bitter and sought out power to get rid of the new threat, as well as forcing his people to stop ignoring the World. Mab, the Fey Queen of Winter, offered him power in exchange for the "light of his heart" and he accepted, causing him to become distant to the Elven Nation, but still loyal to the People.

    He now seeks the source of the threat to his people, and has no problem using - or even forcing - outsiders to aid him.

    Trait: All Dwarves are low-lifes.

    Ideal: Sometimes bad things must happen to motivate good people.

    Bond: return the Elven People to their former glory.

    Flaw: I refuse to acknowledge my mistakes.
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