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    Default Re: Do You Know Your Neighbors?

    There are a few differences that have made neighborhoods far different from what they were in the early 20th century.

    The first one is air conditioning. People don't spend summer evenings out on the front porch because the house is too hot. [My dad said that in the 1930s, you could walk down the street and never miss a word of the most popular radio shows.]

    The second one is television. There's a clear benefit to staying indoors.

    And the third one is the internet. I don't need to go next door to talk to someone. I can have conversations with people from anywhere in the world (as I'm doing now).

    I know my support people just as well as I knew the neighbors back in the 1960s. But my support people -- the people I call when I need help -- aren't the ones who live on my block. They are the people I share activities and hobbies with.

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    Default Re: Do You Know Your Neighbors?

    The people in my neighborhood with kids know each other
    The people who walk their dogs know each other
    The people who take care of a flower garden in their front yards know each other

    I have kids, so I am part of group #1. I can probably name all the inhabitants in 10 different homes on my street... but then we seem to live in some sort of time warp. When the kids get home from school, they go play on the street. When they were younger, at least one parent was out and would keep an eye on all the kids from the block (while the other parents were busy doing chores or making dinner etc.) Now the kids are older and they just ride their bikes around the neighborhood or build crazy forts in the woods at the end of the street.

    There has been more than one occasion when an emergency came up (e.g. kid got hurt and had to go to ER), and the parent says "hey, can someone take care of my other child while I run to the hospital?", and more than one hand goes up. They take care of the kid, feed him dinner, etc. until the parents come home.

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    Default Re: Do You Know Your Neighbors?

    I have lived here for 3 years,and i have only seen him for 4 times.

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