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    Default dungeon 42 campaign logs

    So, I'm kinda new to this site and everything, but I'm interested in starting a campaign journal for people to read. We just kind of started a while back, and its pretty fun. Anyways, lots of people seem to post these kinds of things here, so here it goes, I hope you enjoy it:

    Things You Might Need To Know
    The campaign I'm about to tell you about is the first time I have ever played DND, and I had a lot of fun playing it, and still am having fun, as the campaign as of yet isn't over. here's some things you'll need to know about our game: This game is going to be made up of three or four separate adventuring parties who will eventually meet up to face the BBEG. All of the parties are made up of characters being played by the same players from the first game. so while it seems like I'm detailing several campaigns in one log, it's actually all the same story, just in pieces. Also, remember that any issues in game are just between characters, and we're all fine outside of game.

    Now, onto the Characters!
    Nigh Must(ME!), chaotic good, 2 levels fighter, Race: human, male, proficient in firearms, feats: crossbow (and firearm) mastery
    Nigh is my character, he's a scientist at heart, but he's handy in a fight. He's a scruffy looking older guy, about 45-50 he's got grey hair, and a pretty big salt and pepper beard, and he almost always wears a grey trench coat. Nigh is the inventor of firearms, he refuses to share his notes on how he invented these "lead throwers" with anyone. He has strong views of the world, and is a bit eccentric, but he's a good guy. He is in Adea because the country he's from, Akagon, is trying to have him arrested for using magic, not understanding that his guns are science.

    Naeris, neutral good, 2 levels sorcerer, wild mage, race:half elf, male
    Feats: none
    Naeris is a twenty two year old half elf also hailing from Akagon, because of a wild magic surge when he lost control a few months ago, he is now twelve years old. Naeris is also wanted for using magic in Akagon, however he is actually a sorcerer. The poor guy can't really control his magic and doesn't use it much as a result. He had to watch an assassin kill his family looking for him, he was rescued by the Dragonborn of many names and spirited out of Akagon to Adea. Naeris has a crush on Sunny, but is scared to say something because of events later on in the game. (The crush is in character, out of character theyíre just friends)

    The Dragonborn of any names: chaotic stupid (actual alignment on his sheet), 2 levels wizard, divination, Race: Black Dragonborn, male
    Feats: none
    The Dragonborn of many names isnít his actual name, he just changed it every day, so this is the most constant name we have. (Of the names I remember, he went by Azgash, Ishglek, and Urik), he believes your name shouldnít be static, as everyone is always changing. He rescued Naeris from the assassin who killed his family, and is pretending to be the age changed half elves guardian so he doesnít get arrested. He hopes to help Naeris learn to use his magic with confidence, when he isnít drunk, that is. He brought Naeris to Adea because it was the closest country he felt comfortable with. Sadly, his player moved away, so from now on heíll be played by the DM, but for what we have so far, his player is controlling him.

    Jean Deíbeuacor, Lawful good, paladin 2 levels, Race: human, male
    Feats: crossbow mastery
    Jean is a paladin of some militant peace keeping god, he is on a journey to help people wherever he can. He met Nigh must when he was escaping Akagon, and decided to aid the man. They became friends during their journey to Adea, and Jean was content to tag along with Nigh to the scientists guild as he thought it would add to his knowledge, and he had nothing else to do. His only motivation is to do what's right, but is pretty flexible in what that means.

    Cayosin, Neutral, fighter level 2, Race: Lizardfolk, Male
    Feats: none
    Cayosin is an odd Lizardfolk, unlike his scaly brothers and sisters, he feels emotion as a feeling on some level, and he enjoys sketching in the dirt with sticks on occasion. He chose to help Sunny and Vyuroth when they were lost in his swamp. And later, when they discovered an injured quasi dragon, he nursed it back to health and made it his companion and mount, naming it Shachraos. He is interested in the world around him, not as much as other races perhaps, but certainly much more than others of his race.

    Synnípai, AKA Sunny, Chaotic good, Cleric 2 levels, Trickery domain, Race: Sun elf, Male
    Feats: none
    Sunny is a sun elf who accidentally burnt down his home village during a prank gone wrong. Sunny is a gay sun elf who doesnít hesitate to flirt shamelessly with anyone he deems attractive. He is wandering the world trying to help those he can and play some tricks here and there. He has vague memories of his mother telling him of a purpose he has, and weird dreams, but thats all thats strange about him.

    Vyuroth, chaotic neutral, sorcerer 2 levels, draconic ancestry, Race: Red Dragonborn, Male
    Vyuroth is a sorcerer traveling with Sunny, heís mostly quiet, and he doesnít do say much most of the time, the others barely know anything about him, his player really hasnít shared a ton about him so far, so we donít know a ton about his character. Heís great in a fight though, and weíre really grateful for the magical backup, as heís the only full caster who will actually cast. As Naeris is scared of his magic, and DBMN (the dragonborn of many names) is normally trying to just avoid as much damage as possible

    Zenaku Bearpicker, Chaotic neutral, barbarian 2 levels, Race: Goliath, Male
    Zenaku Bearpicker was raised by bears in the mountains, he hates chickens, and he isnít from the moon that the countries of Adea and Akagon are on, he is from the planet they circle. This isn't strange, but because goliath arenít native to this moon, he gets weird stares. He hates chickens for something they did once to him, and he despises dragonborns because one was rude to him when he first landed on the moon. His player really only ever made it to one game, so most of the time heís smashed drunk on the back of Shachraos.
    And thatís the party, I'll be putting up the first session as fast as physically possible.
    Bar Smashing and Fancy Compasses
    So, the campaign started in the capital city of Adea, in the best place for the greatest adventuring parties to begin: a tavern. I know itís not original, but hey, its classic for a reason. Anyways, our DM told us we could start anywhere in the tavern. And he did mean anywhere.

    Zenakuís player decided to be walking in from the stables, where he was checking out the horses. Vyuroth, Sunny, and Cayosin were at a table near the center of the room, talking quietly while they ate dinner. Naeris and DBMN were sitting at a table near the left side of the bar, where Naeris was trying to get DBMN off of the table they were sitting at where he was drunkenly singing raucous tunes. Jean was eating a mutton sandwich on a chair in the corner, and his friend Nigh? My character?
    He was under the floorboards.

    Jean: Nigh, why the heck are you under there?
    Me: Saltpeter!
    Jean: excuse me?
    Me: I need a substance called saltpeter to create the blackpowder I use to propel my lead throwers, I smelled a large amount under the floorboards of this establishment when we entered
    Jean: ok, whatever you say

    This entire conversation was carried out as Nigh gathered a bag of saltpeter underneath the floorboards.

    A little after this, Zenaku enters the tavern, he proceeds to order a large amount of ale, swill it in one draft, and then, for reasons I donít quite remember, makes a strength check to smash the bar in half.

    DM: Itís a pretty sturdy bar, so the DC will be a bit high
    Zenaku: NAT 20!
    DM: OK! You smash the bar in half

    After this, DBMN walks right up to Zenaku in a drunken stupor to greet him. DBMN is a dragonborn, Zenaku is a belligerent barbarian who is half drunk, and hates dragonborns. You can see why everyone at the table suddenly grew tense

    Zenaku: OI! I hate dragonborns!
    DBMN: OH? You too? I hate dragonborns to, their dirty rotten, thieving scoundrels! They should all be drowned!

    Out of character DBMN rolls a persuasion check and crushes it, and the two walk off to swill beer in the corner. But as they go to walk away, DBMN stumbles, trips, and falls into Cayosin, and spills his mug of ale all over him.
    Cayosin calmly takes the black dragonborns wizard cloak, and wipes his body off with it, intending to be done with him after that. DBMN has other ideas.

    DBMN: OI! Are you a dragonborn???? I hate dragonborns!

    Cayosin just looks at him for a few tense seconds, and the bar once again fills with tension. Luckily, Naeris walks up to pull his ďguardianĒ off of the Lizardfolk and is quick to apologise.

    Naeris: Sorry, very sorry! MyÖ.father, is just very, very drunk, please donít kill or eat either of us!
    Sunny: oh, thatís ok, Cayosin already ate anyways.

    Whatever he was saying is cut off by Nigh, who just cut his way out of the floor. Sadly, when I rolled a random check, I rolled really low, and so, a table fell right on my face.

    Me: Jean! Jean come help me get this massive table off of my face!
    Jean: Coming Nigh, just hold still.

    Jean lifts the table off of me, and I climb out, and once Iím free, I look up at the enraged barkeep. Both her bar and her floor has been destroyed in the span of a few minutes, and she looks pissed. Luckily, Vyuroth offers to cast mending on the floor and the bar, thus calming the Dwarven barkeep before she gets too angry.
    As everyone starts to calm down and settle, the door is thrown open to reveal two strangers. One is very familiar to my character and Jean, as he is an assassin we met when we were escaping from Akagon. The assassins name was Reariss, and he is a half elf with black hair.

    His companion is someone none of us recognised accept Zenaku. He was a large black panther, with clothing on and a pack on his back, walking on all fours. He wasnít a bipedal panther, but a normal one.

    The panther, who introduces himself as Rhinestone, tells us that a grave prophecy is about to come to pass. During a series of three eclipses over the coming days, a powerful shadow sorcerer long since dead will rise up and come back to power. The first eclipse begins in a few hours, and the second one will be following in a few minutes after that, the third is going to occur a say after those two. Rhinestone explains that we can kill the sorcerer when heís at his weakest directly after the second eclipse, but after the third, heíll basically be invincible. He mentions that he once saw Zenaku fighting, and knows they could use at least his might to fight what is coming.

    Me: And what is coming?
    Reariss: a mighty shadow sorcerer who could very well destroy everything we know, he is growing in power as we speak because of the eclipse, and, once the third eclipse has come and passed, he will be unstoppable. It is only with aid that I and Rhinestone can stop him. Will you help us?

    At this point, the DM has Naeris roll a perception check, which he fails.

    We all give our assent, though Nigh has some reservations.
    Me: Iím not sure of how much help Iíll be, Iím just a scientist, Iím not much good in a fight I fear.
    Reariss: those things on your belt look like they could be dangerous when used properly

    And he gestures to my guns in there holsters.

    Me: Oh, these? Harmless compasses, new designs to be sure, but nothing helpful in battle
    OOC Me: I roll a deception check
    DM: ok, heís gonna roll an insight check
    OOC Me: Nat 20
    DM OK then.

    Reariss: well, we can use all the help we can get regardless, perhaps a scientist can offer a unique view of all this. The prophecy that I found does promise some strange events.
    Sunny: where will this sorcerer be?
    Rhinestone: by lake tarrasque, during the second eclipse like we said

    At this point, Naeris gets nervous and self depreciating and says heíll stay behind so he doesnít mess it all up. Reariss however, jumps in and gives an amazing speech, rolling very high, and managing to convince Naeris to come with us.

    The two stranger tell us we have three hours before this sorcerer is going to appear, and we have a little time to prep. We quickly go shopping for different things, buying a few potions for some, checking out a few scrolls for spell books, that sort of thing. Nigh rents a forge and crafts extra bullets, and then gets DBMN to imbue them with the burning hands spell to make spell bullets. Six of them to be exact. Iím very careful to say that I load them as the last three bullets in both my six shooters, not the first three. We end the session here with plans to go to lake tarrasque next session.

    And thatís the first session! Second one will be up soon I hope.
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    Default Re: dungeon 42 campaign logs

    Please let me know if you enjoy this journal or if you have any question about it!

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    Default Re: dungeon 42 campaign logs

    here's part two, hope you enjoy it!
    WHAT WAS THAT(or, why having guns in a fantasy setting comes into question)
    We proceed to pile into a few steam/magic train cars and leave for lake Tarrasque, forming up in circle at my suggestion, as we have nothing better to do. We realise we have very little actual info on this sorcerer, and the people recruiting us seem to know about as much as we do, accept Reariss seems like he isnít telling us something. We wait, and wait, and wait a bit longer, Zenaku having passed out in a drunken stupor by now.

    Right as we all get ready to ask what were doing, the first eclipse begins. No sooner has the eclipse begun, and we all start looking around for the sorcerer to magically appear, the DM has rolled a D20 and asks a question:

    DM: Naeris, what's your AC?
    Naeris: 14, why?
    DM: oh, nothing.

    The DM then rolls a lot of dice, and begins to narrate what happens. We all see Reariss step up behind Naeris, and run him through with a short sword in one perfect blow, killing the young half elf instantly and letting his body slide to the floor.

    The DM letís Naeris make one more perception check, which he succeeds, and as he dies, he tells him that this man who just killed him is the assassin that killed his family. He then is informed that he is dead.

    Reariss: He was the shadow sorcerer, Iím sorry I couldnít tell you sooner but

    I donít let him finish explaining.

    Me: I draw both my pistols and loose two bullets into him. I have the quick draw ability so itís gonna be easy.
    DM: would your character just shoot a guy before asking any questions?
    Me: he would if said guy just stabbed a child in front of him.
    DM: ok, roll to hit.

    I rolled, both attacks hit. DM does some calculations for a second, and then asks two questions.

    DM: first, is it ok if I change your guns to 2d6 damage instead of 2d8?
    Me: I guess
    DM: ok, second question, is everyone ok if I fudge this guyís health? Because Iím not gonna lie, he got taken down half his hit point max by Nigh in two hits.
    Everyone agrees fudging is more than fair, and I lament not having loaded my spell bullets first. We trade blows with the guy for a round, and the cleric tries to use magic, but as Nigh and Jean discovered in an earlier eclipse, divine magic doesnít work well during eclipses, and Sunny actually faints under the stress.
    The rest of us go toe to toe with him for another round, and then the second eclipse starts, and a shadow slips over to Naerisís body, and dives inside. Another round of combat, and Reariss is a bit shaky. Rhinestone has done nothing, and is looking rather confused and disturbed about the whole thing. The rest of the party is following Nighís lead, and are waylaying the assassin.

    At the top of the next round, Naeris stands back up, and rushes towards his killer in a blind rage, the DM handing him several sheets of paper and saying:

    DM: this happens to you, apply all of its bonuses

    ĎThisí turned out to be something we call the shadow state, which causes Naeris to be covered in shadows and become deathly pale. His hand forms a shadow blade, and he stabs Reariss in the gut, using an ability of the shadow state to suck his con down to zero, killing him instantly.
    Immediately after he dies, Naeris reverts to normal and breaks down crying before sprinting away in a random direction yelling about how heís a monster.

    And so endeth part two of the game, Iíll put up part three sometime soon.
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    Default Re: dungeon 42 campaign logs

    Hereís part three

    How I almost committed regicide

    so, last time we left off, the second eclipse had just begun, Naeris just killed Reariss, and then ran off because he thought he was a monster.
    Luckily, Vyuroth knows sleep, so he casts it immediately and drops the kid. After we get the kid, we all round on Rhinestone, demanding to know what the heck is going on. Putting our bodies between him and the unconscious half elf, just in case.

    He tells us he has no idea what just happened, apparently, he only new Reariss for a little longer than us. He also had never actually seen the prophecy that Reariss talked about, telling us Reariss had claimed that he had researched it in a great library that I forget the name of. Anyways, Rhinestone assures us he has no intentions of harming the boy, and after Jean uses divine senses on him courtesy of being a paladin, and tells us he is strongly good, we have nothing to fear.

    Since weíre all absolutely spent, and we have three unconscious party members (Sunny, Zenaku, and Naeriss), we decide to head back to the inn and get some rooms. As we get ready to leave, we all realise we haven't taken any loot from the dead assassin. Luckily, DBMN literally looted his corps immediately after he hits the ground, mentioning that it was mildly creepy because he was covered in now black veins and his wound was pitch black.

    The party distributes the 100 platinum (platinum is 100 gold in our DMís world) pieces in a bag we had found, a note was attached to it that read ďyouíll get the second half when the job is doneĒ. While they did that, Nigh checked out the body, and I rolled a medicine check. I roll decently.

    DM: you see that the massive chest wound is completely black, and you can tell that all of his blood veins are slowly turning purplish black, it looks really weird, almost like the shadow magic is slowly corrupting him.
    Me: I take a vial of his blood and sniff it.
    DM: Ok, make a con save

    Me: 18

    DM: ok, your fine, but you have a feeling it could knock a man out if they smelled it.

    Me: interesting.

    Suddenly, Nigh walks back to the group, right as Naeris wakes up from the affects of the sleep spell, since it only lasts a minute. They manage to calm him down and convince him he shouldnít run. Sadly, since he grew up believing his magic made him a bad person, this has convinced him heís a monster. Jean manages to calm him down, and he clings to the older man, but refuses to accept that heís not some sort of shadow demon now.

    Naeris: you should kill me now before I become that shadow sorcerer that crazy assassin warned us about, I may hate him, but he was right, Iím a monster

    Jean opened his out to protest, but Nigh ,walking up, responds first.

    Me: Tell you what, I can always just put a bullet through your head if you need it kid. If you ever go crazy, I promise Iíll do it. Feel better now?

    Everyone just looked at Nigh when he said that, he meant it to comfort the kid, surprisingly, the kid understood the gesture, and nodded, a little disturbed, but not mad at least. Jean and Sunny just glared at me for a second.

    Me: anyways, if we're gonna go back to the inn, I need help carrying something

    Jean: what?

    Me: the dead body

    Rhinestone: WHY????

    Me: I need to know what the kid did to it, if I can perform an autopsy properly I might know whats going on.

    Eventually, we managed to cover the guy a bit, made it look like he was just drunk instead of dead, and carried him back to the inn. Along the way, Sunny woke up, and apparently, he had had a dream

    Sunny: So, in my dream, I saw what I got the feeling was me, but it wasnít, the person looked nothing like me, and then something that I think called itself the archangel was there, and the not me and it were the bonded somehow. Then, this weird brown haired half elf with blue lines running across his face killed the not me. Then I saw another vision, this time all of us were in a palace temple kinda thing, us and a bunch of people whose faces I couldnít really see. Then, the blue lines guy is there, we attack him, and Vyuroth died, but then, it felt like it wasnít really him, but it could have really been any of us. Probably more than one of us too.

    Cayosin: Strange, do sun elves normally see people die in dreams?

    Jean: not necessarily my scaly friend, but clerics get visions sometimes, and itís not unheard of for these things to come true. We should proceed cautiously.

    Barring that little occurrence, we make it to the bar unscathed and get some rooms for the night, carting the body up to our rooms without the dwarf noticing.

    While everyone else takes a rest, and Jean sets himself to watch Naeris in a room so he doesnít run away, Nigh sets to work getting equipment ready to dissect the dead assassin.

    He manages to remove the brain, and study it, its covered in black veins and is very pale, otherwise normal. It has the same effect as the blood when smelled. He also manages to get out one lung, part of another, and the heart. Then, DBMN decides to help by spewing acid on the body, thinking it will help dissect it, heís really drunk and not thinking straight right now, though he probably would have done this anyways. Nigh and Sunny manage to hold him back, and Nigh gets the liver out, he starts to go for the appendix when DBMN breaks free of sunny and spews acid on the body.

    At this point in time, we think the body is melted, and chuck it out a window. Apparently there was just a little acid on it, and the DM just didnít realise that we didnít know that, so didnít explain it to us. Which explains why he was surprised when we chucked the body out the window.

    We all take a good rest, and wake up the next day. Nigh had gotten up early and switched out for Jean during the night to watch the kid, he has made coffee. Sunny comes down to the room following his knows to the smell.

    Sunny: whats that delicouse smell Nigh? Is it you?

    Nigh, completely oblivious to the flirting answers:

    Nigh: nope, coffee, you want some?

    Sunny: Sure, Iíll have some ďcoffeeĒ

    Putting stress on the word coffee. At which point the table dissolves into laughter and someone explains to me that coffee is sometimes used to mean sex. Nigh however, ahs no idea what is going on, and gives Sunny a cup of coffee. (plus, Sunny was just trying to get under his skin and get him uncomfortable anyways)
    Nigh: you wanít sugar?

    Sunny: sure

    Nigh gives him the sugar he carries with him, and sunny takes a spoonful, puts it on the table, pulls out a piece of paper, and then proceeds to put the sugar into a straight line on the tables wooden surface. Then, Sunny puts his face down to the table, and snorts the entire seven inch line of sugar.

    Sunny: oh, thatís the good stuff!

    It took five minutes before we all stopped laughing.

    Then the day goes on like normal, we all get up and go downstairs, hauling a still drunk and passed out Zenaku (his player still isnít there, which isnít his fault). Then we see shadows, lots of them, heading straight for the castle in the center of the city. Because we forgot that today was the day of the third eclipse.

    Before we rush off to the castle and do anything rash, we check Naeris using the paladins divine sense. Earlier, we had checked him to make sure ina routine check of the whole party, he read as good. Now, he still reads as good, but thereís some form of evil force inside of him, fighting for control. He admits to us that he had a crazy nightmare last night where a shadow creature offered him power and told him to go and murder the king of Akagon, saying that his banning of magic was why his family was killed. Further saying that too many of their kind (people with magic, we guessed) were dying to that king.

    Naeris has another self image moment, but calms when Sunny puts a hand on his shoulder and reassures him.

    We then sprint like mad for the castle, and, somehow, manage to convince the guards to let us into the throne room to talk to the prince, whose ruling in his father's stead since the king is ill.

    We arrive in the throne room and explain what happened to the prince, skipping over Naeris being shadow Ďinhabitedí (since it wasnít possession but was close). We donít even mention Reariss or last nights events, but tell him lots of shadows headed into the castle, and we fear what they might do.

    The prince, who is looking very pale, and a lot like Naeris then goes on a lengthy speech about how he hired an assassin to kill his brother, a powerful sorcerer, as he feared he may kill him to protect the throne. He mentions the assassin's name was reariss and he found him dead, his face disfigured with acid, and his brain and some organs gone, covered in black veins. He fears that a terrible murderer is lurking in his city.

    We all exchange glances and say nothing, especially when he mentions the money he paid the man is gone. He then goes on to explain how he tried to kill his brother on his own last night when Rearis didnít do the job, and died, however, a powerful shadow like force brought him back to life, and he slew his brother. Since he was now stronger.

    During the whole speech, Nigh was growing uneasy at the brazen way the prince, named Johanne, talked of murdering his own brother. Even though this happened all the time in Adea, it still bothered him, and he said as much to Jean.

    Jean: I think so too, you know what we should do?

    Me: what?

    Jean: we should kill him, heís a murderer, he committed fratricide!

    Me: do you think we can? His guards appear to be tougher than normal ones

    Jean: you hit him with your lead throwers, Iíll give him a taste of my heavy crossbow, Iím confident we can do this.

    Me: Ok then

    See, the paladin was lawful good, and Nigh trusted him, plus, this prince Johann just admitted to murdering his brother, didnít matter if he was worried he might kill him. Besides, Nigh didnít believe in monarchies anyways.

    This entire conversation had been whispered while everyone else talked with prince Johann, Sunny flirting shamelessly as usual, mentioning how he heard the prince was great in bed.

    Me: can I spin my guns chamber while theyíre still in their holsters?

    DM: yeah sure

    Me: ok, i do, putting the last bullet first and the first bullet last.

    DM: ok

    Me: I open fire with both guns, aimed right at the prince

    Everyone at table besides John: WHAT!?!?!?!?

    DM, recovering from shock: roll to hit

    Me, calmly after rolling dice: nat 20, and remember how I moved my chambers? That was a spell bullet, the burning hands ones from earlier. That's 2d6 piercing damage and 3d6 fire damage.

    DM: heís, heís on the floor from that, you don't need to shoot him again. Heí still alive though, making death saves.

    A series f attacks and moves later, and I and John have killed all but two of the guards, the others kinda aided us half heartedly, mostly when the guards attacked them. Then, DBMN yells:


    He casts it in the middle of the room and runs away, leaving everyone but me, whose out of its range, blinded. The princes aid teleports him away, and Naeris succeeds a check to follow DBMN out of the room.

    This is how we all find out his characters actual alignment is written down as chaotic stupid. The DM busts a gut, and we continue.

    To shorten what happens, the prince gets healed off screen, and shows back up, we all run, I make it to the door last, and I fail a wisdom save and get put to sleep.

    The session ends there with the rest of the group getting away, me captured, and Naeris hogtying DBMN

    so yeah, cliffhanger ending there, sadly I actually couldn't make it to the next game, so all I can give you is a summary. the DM told me at the end of this session though: "make another character, just in case Nigh dies, which is likely, and then send it to me for the game"

    so yeah, I was not optimistic about next session, which was our last one before going to the next party.
    my campaign logs

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    Default Re: dungeon 42 campaign logs

    So, here you go, the summary of the fourth part and our last session for now with this group, weíll pick up this summer I think, so thereís that. Anyways, here you go:
    The Part I Wasnít There For!
    So, the group skedaddles out of the castle, and itís only when theyíre a good couple miles out they realise Iím not with them. I donít blame them, because in character they just had a team member run away and almost get them killed, and are pretty freaked. Jean wants to go in after me, but the group consensus is that they at least need to rest, and theyíre still a bit upset with me and Jean for pulling a stunt like that.

    Apparently, the group then goes to chop down a tree for firewood, whilst Jean goes in without the to save me.

    On Jeanís end, he finds that the castle shows signs of being both busted into and out of, and finds my and another person's tracks leading away from the castle.

    Meanwhile, the group rolls several natural ones and ends up in a fight with the tree, trading blows with an inanimate object. I donít know all the details, but they never did get that firewood, so Iíd say the tree won. Then, the group somehow makes it back to the castle, and meets the princess, who tells them that the prince has run off, and since she doesnít blame them for the attempted murder, just Nigh, she would like them to find him and bring him home. They also get paid a boatload to do it, too. So apparently it all worked out for the better.

    On Jeanís end, he finally finds me, and discovers that my compatriot is Alarick(my back up character).
    Alarick is a guy with long, mane like red hair, and black talons on his fingers. Heís so weird that we made his own race just so he could have stats. Alarick has no memories of his past, and his only real memories are from five years ago, when nigh found him living like an animal in the woods, and brought him to civilisation. Alarick is a level 4 barbarian (as weíve all leveled to 4 by now), and has the red reaver subclass. So he sucks energy out of people with attacks, life energy.

    Anyways, Nigh tells Jean he can no longer travel with the party, for fear of bringing the law down on them, and tells him he is sending Alarick with him to aid in their quest, because he knows whatever road they take next will bring trouble.

    Now Jean and Alarick are back with the party, and have been filled in on whatís going on. So thatís that, weíre waiting for the other campaigns to get back to this one so we can continue

    So, thatís the end of that for now, weíll pick this part of the story up again later, for now ití onto the party that we have named, quite aptly, the barty. An entire party made of level 6 bards. The whole team is level 10 now, and were surprised that all of us didnít die. But thatís another story which I hope to have up soon.
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    Default the bardy

    So, I actually have a few sessions of one on one stuff the DM and I ran together of what happens to nigh on the run, which technically takes place after the Bardy, which I can post when Iím done if people want me too.
    The Bardy

    John Forthhold, level 6, college of discord, scourge aasimar (me): John is a bard like the rest of the group, his instrument is the fiddle, or the violin, as it is also known. John actually carries two fiddles, one his father gave him made of wood. The other, is made of solid gold, enchanted to be the most beautiful sound you've ever heard. John doesnít need the enchantment to play well though. John is a bit famous, because of the golden fiddle ironically. You see, the fiddle used to belong to Asmodeus, itís Johnís now. It all happened back when John was on his own, before heíd met his two friends Johann and Undell, his travelling companions. John was making a name for himself as a pretty good musician, too good, apparently. One day, Asmodeus came to him, and said that, if john was as good as they said, then he wanted to propose a deal. A bardís challenge*, just the two of them, if John won, he got The Fiddle of Asmodeus, if he lost, Asmodeus got his soul. John won, and the fiddle was his. Ever since then, Johnís normal angelic guide has had a companion, an infernal. Theyíre both constantly arguing in his head, to drown them out, he turned to booze, heís been a raging alcoholic ever since.

    Undel, level 6, college of discord, half elf (Cayosins player): Undel is a good friend of John and Ludwig, he travelled with both as a sort of band, they are the only three in the bardy who start off knowing each other. Undel has no memory of his past, he woke up in a forest one day and stumbled into town, where he met John and Ludwig. They took him in, and John taught him to play the guitar, and eventually, helped him into the college of discord, and they set off together. Undel knows nothing of his past except that he is somehow connected to the feywilds, and that when he woke in those woods, a massive tattoo was inked into his entire back. His family is John and Ludwig, and thatís all that matters. He owns a pair of slippers of spider climbing, which he uses to great affect.

    Ludwig, level 6, college of Glamor, human (Naerisís player): Ludwig is the third member of the trio comprised of Undel and John, his singing voice is amazing, although he doesnít realize it and is pretty self deprecating about his singing skills. He plays a piano, which he carries in a bag of holding, which causes a fair bit of hilarity in game. Ludwig was married once, and for a time he left the other two to be with his wife. He joined the others again for the first time in the bar the party meets in, his wife not with him, and he doesnít want to talk about it.

    Carrion, level 6, college of Glamor, shadow tiefling (sunnyís player): Carrion is a highly feminine gay shadow tiefling, and a friend of sunnyís. He is the son of a councilman of Drenora, a kingdom away from the groups starting place in Adea. He is traveling the world to find his sister's murderer, and to, just maybe, find love. He has a flying broom with him that he uses to get around.

    Inluvie, level 6, college of Blades, human, (Jeans player): Inluvie is a warrior at heart, but he was also gifted with a beautiful ability to weave music. He does both to the best of his ability. Inluvie was sick for most of the game, so little else is known of him.
    Richard Birch, college of Lore, high elf, (Vyurothís player): Richard Birch is a rich high elf, and has the second highest performance score in the party. Heís not to bad once you get to know him, though heís a bit of a jerk at first. He carries an alchemists jug, capable of giving gallons of booze for free. That alone makes him an instant friend of the party, specifically John.

    Thatís the bardy. And yes, I based Johnís story off of the song devil went down to georgia, John is the character from the song put into dnd. More or less.
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    Default Re: dungeon 42 campaign logs

    sorry about taking so long to post more, I will continues soon
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