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    Default Re: Deck of spells (3.5)

    I made something similar a while back.

    I refined it better for 5e and made it the focus of an entire campaign. My PCs sold it because the effects weren't permanent (at least for what they pulled) so they saw it as a waste of time and sold it.

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    Default Re: Deck of spells (3.5)

    "Originally" (more on that later) the suits apparently stood for classes. As in societal classes. The spades (pike heads) stand for the nobility, the hearts or cups for the clergy, diamonds or coins for tradespeople (an upcoming class during the period card games became popular in Europe) and the clubs for the common people, angry hordes with clubs and pitchforks. You can still see this in the order of cards used for bridge, being the same order in which I just listed them, and the order of importance they would have assigned to them in that time.

    In that light hearts for cleric spells is quite fitting, and the other categories assigned in the opening post work pretty well too.

    Another option from the same symbolism could be something like spades attack spells, hearts healing and buffing, diamonds enchanting en other gear and stuff focused spells, clubs spells to do with nature and spells that have everyday applicability.

    Of course you can completely ignore this angle as well, but it's free lore ready for using.

    (And now the more on that later: European playing cards evolved from a Chinese set where the suits were coins, rows of coins, myriads of strings of coins and, well, roughly the image every free to play phone game uses for their most expensive option. Since the European diamond suit evolved from the coin, the club from the string and the heart and the spade from those other two that's the order (low to high) some Chinese games still assign to the suits. But that seems less useful for building a themed deck, as this idea assigns an order/value to the suits, but not really any theme.)
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