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    Default My simple d20 game system

    Someone asked me to post on here the simple D20 game system I use in my games so here we are:

    This type of game is a simple d20 game with freeformish gameplay. It's Roleplay heavy with some combat and puzzles.

    All rolls are a simple d20 roll, if you roll under your stat you pass if you don't you fail. 01 is a critical hit 20 is a critical failure.

    The idea is that you have list of skills and you must allocate points in different stats as you level up.

    Athletics : Acrobatics, Balance, Climb, Fly, Jump, Ride, Swim, Tumble.

    Awareness: Concentration, Investigate, Listen, Notice, Perception, Search, Sense Motive, Spot.

    Dodge: Ranged Defense.

    Fight: Base Attack Bonus for Melee Attacks

    Fortitude: Fortitude Save

    Interaction: Bluff, Diplomacy, Innuendo, Gamble, Gather Information, Knowledge (gossip), Intimidate, Read Lips.

    Knowledge: Appraise, Knowledge (all subskills not mentioned elsewhere)

    Research Languages: Decipher Script, Linguistics, Read/Write Language, Speak Language, Speak Other Language.

    Parry: Melee Defense

    Performance : Craft (artistic, visual art, writing), Disguise, Entertain

    Perform Profession: Profession (all subskills), Reputation

    Reflex : Reflex Save

    Science: Craft (pharmaceutical), Knowledge (architecture and engineering, behavioral sciences, earth and life sciences, physical sciences), Psicraft, Psychoanalysis, Spellcraft, Treat

    Technology: Computer Use, Computers, Knowledge (technology), Repair, Scry, Use Magic Device, Use Psionic Device

    Toughness: Toughness Save or Hit.

    Willpower: Mental resistance and defense against domination from the forces of chaos.

    Character sheet:
    Name: Not really a thing in my game since I have a terrible memory for names and I never remmber the name of the PCs my players come up with and they find the process of coming up with names ahrd and kind of tedious but hey if the player has a name they like or really wants to use put it here.

    Alias: Since I'm bad with names I often make the pcs members of some sort of organization that use alias. It's a lot easier for me to remember who they are and think it sounds a lot cooler. "The lord" "The Crimson blade" "The Druid" "The Red snake" "The wolf" "The Olw" "The devourer of gods" "The elegant blade" "The Spider" sound a lot cooler than amde up anmes and help the players and the DM vizualize who their characters are since they are often related to their skills and powers. This is a very common practice among fictional magic users since just like true names birth names have a certain power over its owner.

    Physical form: How does your character looks like? How does it dress? Any distinguish features? You can use images if the players want.

    Astral form:I'm a big x-men fan and they often had fights in the astral realm, those moments were my favorite parts of all the stories, so I often incorpore my favorite part of those comics in my games. In the astral plane they have a spiritual form that is unrelated to their physical one and they roll for willpower and intelligence to move and fight.

    Main objective: What are the character's dreams and desires, what are their goals? What was their life about when they are not working with adventuring? What moves thecharacter?

    Backstory: What's your character story? How did he learn magic? How did he join the legue? What is he like? Where was he born and raised? What are his kirks and personality triats? What are his flaws? Stuff like that.


    Color: The color the PC is going to use for their character lines.[/SPOILER]

    Backgrounds: Choose the initial background of your character:

    -Warrior: You get a -3(This is a good thing) in all your combat rolls thanks to your combat training.

    -Magic user: You start the game with 3 personalized spells in your spell list.

    -Specialist: You can do choose 3 skills that you can do so well you don't need to roll. It can be anything not magic related, Open locks, set traps, disarm traps, craft poison etc...

    -Collector: You start the game with one mechanical or magical artifact, it can be a weapon, harpoon gun, magic wand or anything you can come up with, describe it's effect and I'll give it a penalty.

    -Occultist: Same as specialist but with magical skills instead of mundane ones, you can do anything but cast spells(At least for now) You can choose to identify magic, ward spirits or read runes. Up to 3 skills.

    -Noble: You start the game with vast amounts of money, political power and contacts.

    Aaaand... that's it, please tell what you guys think.

    I did a very fun but short lived game with this system in this forum. It can be found here: LINK

    In the link I also going in dept. about the weird magical system I use.

    The inspiration for the Weird magic system is Lotfp and the skills used in the skills section are from basic D20

    I hope you guys enjoy it :D
    Please leave any comments, criticism or suggestions I would love to heard you feedback.

    EIDT: Oh yeah I forgot a crucial part the players will roll 3D6 for each stat, they don't need to worry if the stat is too low there will be a lot of bonus and +X actions in the games.

    After rolling you can add some points freely, I often use 20 but it depends on the type of game and characters you want.

    After that add a mundane equipment section to your character, write about their equipment and they are good to go.

    Equipment is free. Non-magical. I prefer to keep the equipment to stuff the pcs plan to carry around, weapons, material components, adventure gear, clothes that kind of personal thing.

    18 is cap.

    If a player don't like their rolls they can have one re-roll and one swap.
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