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    Default Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e - House Rules

    Anyone playing WFRP 4e? And how do you like the rules?
    Here is a compilation of our House Rules thus far. Feel free to discuss or post your own.

    Held Actions.
    Much like D&D 3.5. You state what you are waiting for, then get an interrupt action if/when that happens.

    Reset to full at the beginning of every session.

    Short term Ambitions
    To avoid point whoring, we try to set minimum ambition difficulties and only resolve them every other play session. Not formalized yet, but we are working on it.

    Downtime activities.
    The listed options quickly got a bit too linear for our taste, so we added the option "Other" which covers just about everything.
    Will probably also add more random events at a later date.

    Advantage Points:
    - Max Advantage = your highest stat bonus.
    - For every positive SL you get on combat rolls, you gain 1 Advantage Token.
    - You do not lose Advantage from being hit.
    - You spend Advantage to power various combat talents. Certain talents have been modified to reflect this.
    - You spend Advantage to gain bonuses on combat rolls and/or damage. No free to hit/damage bonuses from SL's.
    - Once per round, if you have no Advantage tokens, you can exchange a fortune or resilience point to get one.
    - If completely disengaged for a full round, your Advantage resets to 0, unless you use an action/talent that specifically counters this.
    - If you lost a Parry or Dodge roll against an attacker, you can spend an Advantage Token to retreat a square. Your opponent can then choose to spend an Advantage to follow you.

    Advantage points is easily our biggest grievance with the system. Waaay to easy to exploit.
    Setting a maximum that reflects the characters strength, skill, nimbleness, intelligence, discipline (WP), etc. adds some flavor to how we visualize the players' various combat styles and keeps things more balanced than if it was tied to a specific stat. Since most of our players have played Mordheim, we also found it natural to power various combat abilities by spending Advantage Tokens (certain monsters already do this to power breath weapons, bonus attacks, etc). We also noted a tendency for Fortune/Resilience points to accumulate, so adding the ability to exchange them for Advantage seemed natural. After a while we also started to hate the fixed bonuses Advantage provided. We found it more natural that you actually spend your advantage to get an effect rather than just keeping it maxed out for a permanent to hit/damage bonus. Not being engaged resetting your Advantage always ade sense to us. If someone is not engaged, they get the chance to recover and start outmaneuvering their opponent from scratch. We also missed the Robin Hood'esqe nature of fighting, where combatants would advance or retreat to gain or deny advantage (naturally, retreating into a square containing a table requires an "Erroll Flynn roll"). And besides, being forced to move out of formation provides exciting opportunities to screw up fixed combat formations.
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