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    Default The Worst Companion... Challenge 1

    It's a very busy night at the tavern, and you're only at the bar because the barkeep is familiar to you. A large contingent of nobles is here tonight.
    Your companion is horribly drunk, and is hitting on the Count's wife. With a roar, he shouts at your companion, who proceeds to smack him across the face drunkenly with his gauntlet and challenge him to a duel. After declaring you his second, he slides in a sodden heap onto the floor. After farting loudly, he begins to snore. The Lord glares at you and demands satisfaction. Arcane energy sizzles from his left hand, as he deftly maneuvers an arming sword in his right.
    Out of the corner of your eye, you spy the angry barkeep, who is in no mood to help you or your companion, especially since he hasn't paid his hefty bar fee of nearly 5 gold.
    What do you do?
    Level 15 5th edition character. Standard rules. One legendary, on very rare, 2 rare, and 3 uncommon magic items. You take 10 points in the surprise round. You have rolled for initiative, and you're first. Regale us with a tale! Whose is best. Rate the previous adventurer.
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