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    Default Patreon Link in Signature: Acceptable?

    Simply put, is it acceptable or not against the ban on advertisements to place a link to Patreon pages in signatures? Does the answer depend on whether it is your own or others? If the page produces tabletop gaming related content?

    Thanks for the clarification.

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    Default Re: Patreon Link in Signature: Acceptable?

    Sheriff: Probably not? Patreon is complicated because people use it in different ways.

    I would suggest just linking people to whatever your work is and letting them find there way to your Patreon from there.

    If you use Patreon to receive funding for work that you produce and make freely available online, just link to the work. When people go there, presumably they have some way to see the Patreon.

    If you use Patreon as a way to take commissions on work (instead of or in addition to) your free work, you can't link that here.

    As I once said:

    Quote Originally Posted by Roland St. Jude View Post
    Sheriff: We've said no to commissioning work here before, so that is out regardless of platform used.

    We have made a specific allowance in the advertising rules for crowdfunding art/gaming projects within the designated crowdfunding threads. See: this one for general media. Patreon doesn't really work there, though, if you're using it to do commissioned work or engage in commerce on an ongoing basis.

    It may just be that what you're trying to do doesn't work here.

    Beyond that, it's complicated. PM me, if you want to discuss it further.
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