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    Default The Tempest Sphere [SoM] [PEACH]

    I won't get too heavily into it here, I left a lot of design notes in the google doc. Comments are enabled, so feel free to leave feedback there.

    Hello! This is my second piece of homebrew design for one of my favorite subsystems. If there's one thing I'm not entirely happy with, however, it's the Dual-Wielding sphere. I originally set out to rebuild that sphere, but found that there was too much I wanted to do, but couldn't do, because of the innate limitations of the Dual Attack ability. I tried to work around it for a while, but eventually just moved on and made a whole new sphere instead. The Tempest is meant to exemplify speed in combat, largely at the expense of damage and accuracy. I'm not sure how well I've managed to capture that, but I think I did a decent enough job.

    There's still a few things left to do. At the least, I need to add Conscript specializations. I'd also like to add a few more non-Combo/Flurry talents, maybe one or two legendary talents. I'm also pretty sure the sphere scales up too well. I need to find ways to tone it back. Part of that comes from the way I design things - I just start going 'Oooh, that'd be nice' then adding whatever it is in. There's not enough talents that are just alright and a few too many that are generally good. I've just been staring at it too long and need some extra pairs of eyes on it.
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