I have toyed with the idea of Vanaras as changelings. The hedge exists as is but Arcadia becomes the realms of the Hindu gods/Asura/deva.

In the beginning Brahma instructed the gods to bear Vanara children or to reincarnate as one to aid a young hero named Rama. For reasons unknown this continues.

To me changelings fit the mold of the illusion wielding sly trickster with a brave streak the Vanaras of myth embody.

Seemings and kiths should remain the same...I imagine a flaming elemental ape coming into being under Agni , or a darkling swordsman trained under Kali.

The huntsman could be Rakshasa working rogue or for dark powers...

Tokens acting as talismans and relics...

Motivations to stay on ironside remain complex, a loyalist may have loved his time away in Shivaís lands after waking so far from home, but a life in Kaliís realm might make one want to run screaming.

Iíve been thinking about this concept for a while.

Does anyone have any suggestions?