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    Default Creative Challenge: The Lord is awake...

    It's been a long day. You've worked hard, running your kingdom. Your people have toiled well this year, and you've recently added 500 horses to your mounted troops. Your castle has been completed in the last year, and the last of the old government has been executed.... All in all, a good year.
    With a sigh, you lay back in your Chambers, intent on sleep. Above you, in the canopy, a masked figure is clinging to the frame. He drops, yanking a knife. You Dodge aside, just in time to escape.
    You reach for your weapon, as the figure rushes toward you, weapon raised. He stumbles on the carpet, and you catch a glimpse of familiar features and foreign clothing.. It's an assassin from the neighboring country!
    What do you do?

    Level 15 5th edition character. Standard rules. One legendary, on very rare, 2 rare, and 3 uncommon magic items. You take 10 points in the surprise round. You have rolled for initiative, and you're first. Regale us with a tale! Whose is best. Rate the previous adventurer.1-10
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