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    Default Warbirds question

    I've been looking over the dogfighting rules from Warbirds. They look really fun, but I'm a bit confused about how the order of actions flows. It seems like you act in order of Dogfighting roll, but wouldn't that make the various defensive choices moot in one-on-one fights? Or is it a simultaneous declaration?

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    Default Re: Warbirds question

    Oh hey, this thread exists outside my PMs. On the off chance that anyone besides Grod needs this info (who knows how many lurkers we have?):

    One on one fights have a reduced range of defenses, in that there's nobody in a position for you to try and shoot them and as such the shoot defense is useless. That still leaves break, escape, and stunt defenses.

    For messy situations you decide on your defense for the round when shot at. The rules are actually a bit vague on what happens when you get shot at more than once; I'd personally interpret them as you getting to decide on a defense for each attacker and being able to cascade upwards and take increasing restrictions as you do (e.g. switching from shoot to break and losing your attack, or break to escape and being forced to try to disengage). Serial stunting bonus stacking is an edge case that stays vague there, though it's not one I've ever actually seen.

    Conveniently there's also an explanatory video for this, that was originally part of the kickstarter.
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