Hi all, I would like to ask a moment of your time to check out my writing blog Tales of Domhanda. I have been running D&D games with my friends for the past six years set in my homebrew setting of Domhanda. At first Domhanda was a pastiche of information taken from D&D sourcebooks, but as we ran campaign after campaign I started to reshape it into something more original and more my own (though many parts still use D&D as a jumping-off point). In recent years I've taken to writing stories for my players to keep them updated on what their characters are doing post-campaign. They've all loved them and have encouraged me to go further with it.

So I started this blog to post those stories serially and to expand on Domhanda even further.

Every Wednesday at 11AM I post a new chapter of the current story. The first story, The Ardent and The Bard, is already completed with 19 chapters. The current story, Sword of Light/Sword of Venom, is now at 11 chapters with more than double that on the way.

In addition, I have started writing lore posts that cover other details of Domhanda, such as the history, cosmology, and my own takes on classic D&D races. My hope is to one day utilize these details to make my own sourcebook.

This entire process has been a learning experience as I've never been keen to share my writing, but I truly believe I can make this site and these stories into something I'm proud of. So please, even if it's brief, take the time to look at the site and let me know what you think.

Thank you for your time, and welcome to Domhanda.