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    Default Cow Puns The Movie

    In this thread, you can post cow puns. I'll go first: I heard that the cow Pokemon, Milktank is going to sing We're Mooooo It On Up. We're Mooooo it on up to the east side. In the deluxe apartment on the east side.

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    Default Re: Cow Puns The Movie

    How come Bartmanhomer gave up telling cow puns?

    He butchered every joke.
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    Default Re: Cow Puns The Movie

    Why? I don't need to to prove I'm not a coward.
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    "Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition, where the DCs are made up and the rules don't matter."

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    Default Re: Cow Puns The Movie

    Milktank the Cow Pokemon adds a new song: "I like to mooooooo it, mooooooo it."

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    Default Re: Cow Puns The Moovie

    What do you call a legless cow?

    Ground beef.

    I know, I know. That was lowing of me.
    Who're you? ...Don't matter.

    Want some rye? 'Course ya do!

    Here's to us.
    Who's like us?
    Damn few,
    and they're aaall dead.

    *gushes unintelligibly over our cat, Sunshine*

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    Default Re: Cow Puns The Movie

    Got milk?

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    Default Re: Cow Puns The Movie

    When you first posted this thread, I imagined you watching some Twitch streamer, playing some variation of Pokémon. They got to the gym battle with Whitney, who sent out her unassuming Miltank and started casting its signature move, Rollout. At this point, one of the streamers spontaneously slipped in a silly one-liner:

    "We're moooin' on up!"

    Bartmanhomer found this line extremely funny and immediately started giggling uncontrollably.

    This is where everything started going wrong.

    Whitney's Miltank, as it turns out, has a lot of hit points and a pretty strong Attack attribute. Where the initial hit from Rollout did not do much against the playing streamer's team leader, neither did her own monster's little water gun. Miltank continued using Rollout, which hit much harder this time and knocked out the player's pokémon. Her partner laughs and repeats the line from before, this time setting it to music.

    "We're mooin' on up! We're mooin' on up to the east side!"

    The player winces, as it's clear that her streaming buddy is now basically cheering for the computer. Rollout is an interesting move in that it becomes stronger if used multiple times in a row. The player's team is seemingly under-leveled for this encounter in the first place, and so each monster she sends out is crushed under the rolling cow and promptly faints. As Bartmanhomer watches this unfold, the singing streamer grows louder and louder. Twitch chat joins in with clap emotes and spams lyrics in all caps, seemingly possessed by the spirit of Mootown.


    Bartmanhomer is on the floor now, clutching his sides, barely able to breathe between bouts of raucous laughter.

    Soon enough, the battle is over. The screen turns white and describes the player's defeated walk to the nearest pokémon center, which is as close as this game gets to a Game Over. The player sighs, sets down her controller, and leers at her co-streamer, who is still still grinning and sweating and panting from his performance.

    "Hehe... we finally got a piece of the cow pie..."

    Following the tradition of duo comedy, the player grabs a big paper fan from just offscreen and slaps her partner so hard that he tumbles out of his chair. The chat erupts in applause and Lulz emotes. The stream's audio crackles as the singer drops his headset, then goes quiet.

    In the ensuing silence, Bartmanhomer pulls himself back into his chair, gasping for breath. He tries to type something in chat himself, but can barely type a single word without giggling. The joke was just so, so, so PERFECT. It could start a revolution, redeem the very soul of humanity! The world must know, he decides. And so, shaking with anticipation, he opens his browser and navigates to to tell his story.
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    Default Re: Cow Puns The Movie

    Marge: "Look Homer a slaughterhouse."

    Homer: "Moooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Slaughterhouse Employee: "Ah moo yourself!"

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    Default Re: Cow Puns The Movie

    You sure are milking this concept for all it’s worth. Sounds like a load of bull to me, though. But I had better be careful with what I say in here. There’s a lot at steak in this thread, and I don’t want to steer you wrong.
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