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    Default Misplaced an undead owlbear.

    I ran a game a while back and one encounter i used was an owlbear. This owlbear was either diseased or undead. the shtick was that it puked out its guts as a breath weapon. Then i think it rose again as a zombie or skeleton. I remember that it was a 4e critter, but I can't find it. Maybe it was a template?

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any hints as to the source?

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    Default Re: Misplaced an undead owlbear.

    Not an official one. But all owlbears have a close blast attack of some sort (except the one you can get with Fey Beast Tamer), so refluffing should be really easy.

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    Default Re: Misplaced an undead owlbear.

    I know it's not an undead owlbear, but reading your post I thought of the offalian from open grave. If the memory is foggy enough, that might be what you were thinking of. It has some similarities to what you described.

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