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    Default Is there any way to repair or replace the USB port on a Droid cellphone?

    I've got an old Droid Razr Maxx that I still use (mostly as a backup internet device for my other newer phone which has very poor battery life), and recently it stopped connecting to my computer correctly over the USB. I tried changing the cable and I tried connecting to a different computer so it has to be an issue with the phone itself.

    I think it's not connecting to the cables snugly enough to get a stable connection.

    Is there any way to fix the phone's USB jack or to replace it?

    I've got gigabytes of photos and videos and stuff I need to move to my computer and the phone doesn't really have any good alternative way to get it there; there's no SD card slot and the transfer speed over bluetooth is such that It might take an entire day or more, and it's not practical for me to babysit it that long (wbich I'd need to do in case something glitches out and it needs to be set going again)
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    Default Re: Is there any way to repair or replace the USB port on a Droid cellphone?

    Yes it can be done. Can you do it? No idea. You can order replacement parts and watch several of the videos on how to do it and decide for yourself. Check out these search results to see what you think;

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