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    Default Invisible Girl Meets Big Damn Hero

    I just finished reading Invisible Girl Meets Big Damn Hero, a completed comic which ran from June 2017 to December 2018.

    Set in a world with superhumans, Alice has the power to turn invisible. She isn't literally invisible, but people fail to notice her even if she is right in front of them, and while people can see her if she talks to them, they immediately forget about her afterwards. Alice considers her power to be a curse, since she can't control it. At the beginning of the story, Alice starts at a new high school aimed at students with powers who are not actively engaged in superheroics. There, she meets the other main characters, Leo and Darcia, who can see her.

    The thing that stood out to me most about IGMBDH is what it doesn't have. It does not feature the protagonists trying to stop some villian's evil plans. It does not have Alice or Leo punching bad guys. There are no fight scenes at all, and there aren't any significant antagonists. The setting has superheroes, and the main characters do have powers, but the main characters are not themselves active as superheroes; they are trying to live normal lives. Alice has never really used her powers intentionally. Leo used to be a hero when she was a kid, but she isn't any more.

    Instead, the story is 200 pages of emotional slice-of-life drama between the main cast of friends. It's pretty different from what I expected going into it, but I definitely enjoyed it.

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    Default Re: Invisible Girl Meets Big Damn Hero

    Ya, nice little read.

    Alice is pretty clueless, isn't she?

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