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    Default Re: Funeral of a Friend (Pathfinder 1.0)

    I am fine with the pacing suggested.
    Thanks to linklele for the amazing avvy.

    Quote Originally Posted by jidasfire View Post
    On a long enough scale, every OOTS forum discussion turns into a debate about alignment, Miko, or Familicide.
    It can also turn into a Star wars debate.

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    Default Re: Funeral of a Friend (Pathfinder 1.0)

    I'm good with the pacing as well.
    S C R E A M I N G is always a free action.

    If you don't have a group that supports you - if you instead have a group that judges you - find a different group, trust me. It's not worth your life to waste it on a bunch of hyenas who serve no value to you aside from keeping you down. Everyone deserves to have a say at the table regardless of how they do it.

    -Guy, "How to be a Great Game Master"

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    Default Re: Funeral of a Friend (Pathfinder 1.0)

    Daily posts are good for me.

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    Default Re: Funeral of a Friend (Pathfinder 1.0)

    Daily of more is what I usually go
    Hi, I'm Greenflane or GF if you may. Here to play some games. My current passion project are two discord servers:

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    Default Re: Funeral of a Friend (Pathfinder 1.0)

    Decisions were hard to make on this one. I had been checking on sheets all week and watching the updates, but it wasn't preparation enough. All entrants were of a quality I would welcome in one of my games. However, with party composition and backstory as the top priorities, I've selected the following applicants-

    Erica Westmarch: Lokio
    Tesselin Lowell: Hannah
    Hector Athaia: Corlindale
    Lenna Valkas (and Maple): Merellis
    Brac Blackmoon: DaOldeWolf

    Yes, I said I would only be taking 4, but I couldn't help myself.

    OOC and IC Thread will be up soon.

    OOC thread! and IC thread!
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    The Bear is Back.

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    Default Re: Funeral of a Friend (Pathfinder 1.0)

    Have fun! I'm here if you need a replacement.

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