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    Default Forager, specifically one feature

    I bought and played Forager.

    It's a fast paced, easy and intuitive, half crafting half idle game.
    There are riddles, some easy some a bit harder, all optional.
    There is a survival element with an energy meter, but it's rarely a problem since getting food is relatively easy.
    Most of all, I found it to be pure fun.

    It's not without flaws.
    Lack of ability to pause the game, and the shaking screen in higher level can be annoying.
    But non of it is a game breaker.


    What I really wanted to talk about is a tiny feature this game has:
    When crafting, both items in your inventory AND any item in any vault (like chest or container in other games) count as usable.
    I had no idea how much this feature speeds things up and removed tedious work until I tried it.

    Imagine what the game would be without it (very easy since most crafting games don't use it) -
    You want to craft several items, you check the recipe and prepare the items in the inventory after travelling several different vaults.
    Collected a random item on the way between vaults? Bummer, now you need to find another vault with an empty slot.
    Go to the crafting station, start crafting, but then return any access items you took so you can have space for what you crafted.

    This is sort of what happens to me when I play Terraria.
    I go with my brother to a quest, which can be killing a boss or exploring a new area, but then we reach the "chores phase" which involves sorting and distributing items between chests.
    How is this fun?
    I understand Terraria is not Forager so unlimited range is impractical, but just something like "can use any item in any chest within the same house / range of 20 spaces" could remove so much of the boring parts.

    Anyway, I recommend Forager both for players and developers as an example.
    For the people who insist of valuing games based on time played vs money spent, I only ask to calculate not the total time played, but the time you were having FUN while playing.
    It's easy to make a game grindy or tedious, but in no way it should make it worth more.

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    Default Re: Forager, specifically one feature

    The vault is amazing at cutting out tedious inventory management. Being able to craft out of it is cool, though I'm pretty sure I've seen it in other games. What I really like is how when you pick up more of an item you've already stored in a vault, it goes directly into the vault. The combination of being able to craft from a vault and automatically storing in a vault turn them into expanded inventory space, which is such a relief.

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    Default Re: Forager, specifically one feature

    Also, the vaults have tiny icons on the outside that tell you what’s in them. Pretty useful if you have a lot of them.

    Just remember that being in a dungeon cuts you off from your vaults, at least the last time I checked.
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