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    Default [IC] Garuda, The Ringed City: The Delvers

    Garuda, the Ringed City

    Garuda, the Ringed City. Garuda, City of Magic. The place you call home, and the place where you hope to become legends.

    Garuda, where emerald seas and a rich coral reef brim with magical potential. Garuda, where the Dragon Lines pulse to the tune of an unseen heartbeat and arcane lanterns light the night.

    Garuda, where heroes and villains exist in a strange harmony. There is an order to Garuda, a certain way that everything is done. The Cycle is without end here in this city of timeless time. This city that has known life and death, rise and fall, strife and peace.

    Respect the past. Protect the future. And live always in the present. Those are the laws of Garuda, etched into the stone beneath the stone and into every earnest heart. Beneath that heart however, beats another.

    Beneath sweeping forests and manicured parks, beneath the hustle and bustle of daily life in Garuda there is another living beast that crawls beneath the waves and along its craggy cliffs. There is a past that the city may well respect but it has no intention of ever broadcasting. To those who walk the streets above, the knowledge of what lays beneath Garuda is left to the back of one's mind. Unimportant until something from below rises. Best left to those heroes and villains who won't simply conform.

    Backfire, Chameleon, Ember, Gravitic, and Outlier. You all fell to the fickle crowds above and thus you fell to the first port many a young hero out of the public light falls. Noxport.

    Tucked on slick cliff faces, battered by waves, submerged into the tunnels below, the city of Noxport is different than Garuda. Built around a towering Vault it draws many a hero and explorer to its shores. It is here the Ferrymen make their home, traveling to and from Garuda above to the darkness beneath. Lanterns sway on rickety walkways and while many of these paths are washed out somehow the Lanterns remain. The people of Noxport are a suspicious and superstitious lot, the open arms of communal living found in Garuda takes on a more insulated feel here. Once you're in, you're in but until're a stranger.

    But you lot, you lot are in. You protected Noxport when Boom came to town, looking to find someone none of you ever figured out, threatening the Vault and those who dwelt in the dark studying it. You may yet be welcome above but your home is here now in Noxport. They see you as their own.

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    Default Re: [IC] Garuda, The Ringed City: The Delvers

    Issue One: Five Steps

    The Vault of the Primal Vestige
    looms large wherever one walks in Noxport. Beginning from the tops of the cliffs and extending deep beneath the earth, its smooth stonelike surface glitters with surges of the same Lantern Light that the Dragon Lines are said to draw forth like some vast and breathing thing. The locals are accustomed to this dim twilight that forever blankets their home between the light of the Vault and Lantern Light both. Tight streets trail out from the behemoth like veins, people in waterproof haori and head coverings dart about like half formed shadows about their daily life. Ferries, those strange floating ships, soar out from small ports up and away to the surface of Garuda. You might have just come off one. You might have found a place to stay in Noxport, perhaps the Delver's base?

    No matter. The steady and silent life of Noxport would not remain. Flames of bright purple and blues erupt near the Vault and sirens blare from the Lanterns. An attack on Noxport. It was unlikely a hero of any real means would respond. Violence in Noxport was not uncommon, often between the very heroes one would expect to stop it.

    That leaves you five. You have to stop it. All signs pointed that Boom and his attack on the city, its connection to the Vault of the Primal Vestige, your new friend Professor Fujita, it was all connected. Surely this would be as well. It surely must be, must it?

    When you arrive on the scene it is a new villain that seems to be harassing the local businesses built around the Vault. Much of Noxport is ramshackle but the Vault has offered stability to many and it is here that the center of Noxport thrives. One might even mistake it for a surface city, neat streets, clean, far better lit so close to the Vault, with police and everything. The villain, or villainess if one were being fair, is none other than Lash. With electrical whips sharp as any blade, Lash seems to have done quite the number on the small police force in her path down the largest bridge leading to the Vault of the Primal Vestige. In tow are several of her henchpeople, former members of The Court of Raptors much like Lash herself, with someone far from their eclectic and electric outfits. A young girl, no older than you lot. She's not going willingly.

    We find you five. Where were you before. How'd you get here? What do you do?

    Mission Critical
    - Defeat or drive off Lash and her followers
    - Protect the civilians of Noxport
    - Retrieve the hostage
    - Keep collateral near the Vault to a minimum

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    Default Re: [IC] Garuda, The Ringed City: The Delvers

    Spoiler: Gravitic

    Danger: +2
    Freak: +1
    Savior: -2
    Superior: +2
    Mundane: +0

    Angry: ◻

    Potential: ◻ ◻ ◻ ◻ ◻

    We are introduced to a wide shot panel featuring a hooded figure with jeans, boots and a backpack. We see a close up of Deirdre Dunn’s face beneath her grey hoodie. Her left eye is slightly discolored from bruising and the brow above it has a cut that’s been taped together. Her dark hair falls slightly in front of her face. She’s browsing through groceries in the open market below the Vault.

    In an inner monologue box:

    It hasn’t taken that much adjusting to living down Below...

    I’ve learned how to take care of myself ever since that time...

    The market-goers lift their heads in alarm when Lash and her goons announce their presence. The Villain isn’t visible from here but we can hear the sounds of violence, screams of civilians and policefolk alike.

    Deirdre dashes off out of sight into a private alleyway, tossing her bag of chicken at the shopkeeper while she sloughs off one strap of her bag. She smiles to herself as she takes her jacket and a travel mask out of her bag. Her helmet was back in her room and there was no time, the white domino mask would have to do. It looked like her old one when she first started training.

    She pulls one glove on and pauses. She sighs and pulls out her phone texting into a group chat,

    ”Villain at Bridge.”

    She thinks for a moment,


    The next panel shows Gravitic running against the current of fleeing citizens. Her power manifests, enveloping her in pale energy. She creeps behind the corner of a building just out of sight of the Villain to get a visual.


    The next panel focuses on a scar on the side of her head.

    ”I almost rush in, but remember the lesson I learned the hard way.”

    Spoiler: Assess the Situation

    (From the Discord) Roll 2d6+2 = [9]

    1 Question:
    • How could we best end this quickly?

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    Default Re: [IC] Garuda, The Ringed City: The Delvers

    Spoiler: Backfire
    Danger: -1
    Freak: 0
    Savior: +1
    Superior: +3
    Mundane: +0

    Angry: ◻

    Potential: ◻ ◻ ◻ ◻ ◻

    In parallel to the introduction of Gravitic, a wide panel shows the streets near the vault. A young woman walking down them, her white pants and leather jacket making her stand out from others darting around the street. A closer up panel shows her stopping and looking up at the Vault. Tapping a pencil against her pursed lips. A notepad held in her other hand.

    What was Boom... or whoever is pulling the strings trying to do? Get into the vault? Why?
    What's in there?

    The alarms start to go off and she scribbles down a note in her notebook, flipping it closed and turning around. Glad that she wears her "costume" everywhere.
    Bzzzt, Bzzzt Miranda's jacket pocket buzzes, and she fishes out a smartphone in a case that sacrifices all compactness and elegance in favor of it surviving almost anything.

    The screen shows the group chat, a message from Gravitic, ”Villain at Bridge.”
    Backfire texts back, "I'm close, be there in a second."

    She stows her phone and notebook in pockets, and sets off at a sprint. Grabbing onto a signpost and using it to keep her momentum up as she turns a corner. The next panel shows an overhead, with Backfire turning down the road just before the bridge.
    She slows as she reaches the last building, pulling herself up the fire escape in a nearby alley and making her way to the roof. Taking a moment to breathe and look at the situation from above. A very close shot showing her different coloured eyes reflecting the purple and blue flames.

    Lash. And goons. Right. Need to make a plan. Those weapons are going to cause some damage, how do we get them out of the equation?

    Spoiler: Assess the Situation
    (From the Discord) Roll 2d6+3 = [10]

    3 Questions (2 + 1 from "Be mindful of your surroundings"):
    1. What here can I use to disarm Lash?
    2. Who here is most vulnerable to me?
    3. What here is in the greatest danger?
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    Default Re: [IC] Garuda, The Ringed City: The Delvers

    Spoiler: Ember
    Danger 0
    Freak 0
    Savior +2
    Superior 0
    Mundane +1

    Potential: 0/5

    Conditions: None

    Anwar floats just above the cliffs outside Noxport, eyes closed, soaking in the warmth of the sun, only exerting enough energy to keep the sea breeze from pushing him too far inland. This is where he goes when he needs to tune out and turn off. When he needs to not think about the strange shape his life has been forced into. The way things have been going, maybe he should start getting his mail delivered up here...

    At this particular moment, he is trying to wash away the aftertaste of a particularly stale online history course... Chartists, Corn Laws, Classical Liberalism. Hunched over a laptop in his studio apartment with the sound of Mrs. Ruiz's telenovelas leaking up through the floor like demonic whispers in a horror movie. Not exactly what he expected college would be like, but by now he's lost count of the Not Exactlys... His thoughts are interrupted by a harsh tone from his phone. Mom? Oh, please, not now... After a moment he realizes that it's the other obvious alarm tone that he's just added. The Delvers' group texts. He looks down at the screen. Villain at Bridge. Hurry. Seriously? Did Boom already break out of Arkham or something? He drifts close to the cliff face and starts pulling off his street clothes. He jams the bundle into a cleft in the rock, keeping only a gaudy orange handkerchief. He gives the cloth a snap and Ember's flashy but exquisitely traditional costume forms around him. It's Not Exactly that you can wear... He starts to move, then catches himself. He reaches back into the bundle of clothes, extracts his phone and replies. On my way. About 2 minutes out. Then he gains enough altitude to clear the headland before descending into town. As he nears the Vault he can hear bursts of gunfire, followed by the thud of an explosion. Not good. Majorly not good... He sinks down to rooftop level, trying to hide his approach as he figures out exactly what's going on...

    Spoiler: Assess the situation
    (From Discord) Roll 2d6 = [10]
    What is the biggest threat?
    Who/what is in most danger?
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    Default Re: [IC] Garuda, The Ringed City: The Delvers

    Potential: 1/5
    Spoiler: Labels
    • Freak: +1
    • Danger: +1
    • Savior: +2
    • Superior: +0
    • Mundane: -1

    Spoiler: Moves
    • Breaking Out: Whenever you break through an impediment placed upon you or subvert a Hero’s expectations of your Heroic Tradition, you may roll + Danger. On a miss, you escape but you leave something behind and mark a Condition. On a hit, choose one. On a 10+ choose two.
      • You may ask one question as if you’d rolled a hit on Pierce the Mask
      • Clear a Condition or Mark Potential.
      • Place your captor in chains
      • Create an opportunity for your teammates

    • Like the Good Old Days: When you Directly Engage an opponent alongside a teammate, you may mark a Condition to provide them an additional option, even on a miss. If they are a member of a Heroic Tradition, add 1 Team to the Pool.

    While there was nothing in his pilfered journal to outright confirm this, ever since Aaron had begun exhibiting a certain amount of proficiency in pithanomancy he discovered little random things occurring that seemed a little too implausible to actually be random. One of those things was sometimes being in the right place by the right time, just by chance – but the probability of that happening routinely was far lower than it was actually observably occurring.

    Side effects, maybe?

    In any case, he had just stepped off a ferry, having descended from the upper city – boy, his family had had mixed opinions about his trying to redeem their good name, and the events that had gotten the Delvers consigned to the lower levels had only added fuel to the fire – when the ruckus broke out, and not too far away.

    Zipping up his coat, the two halves of the design merging into his signature sigma sigil on his chest, he reached into his slimpack and pulled out his cape and cowl, swinging it over his shoulders and snapping the fasteners into place. He's not too worried about being observed in this process; all too many people already know the identities behind the now-defunct Continuum, so it's more about publicity than secrecy at this point.

    As he's pulling up his hood to shadow his face, his phone buzzes twice in rapid succession. The screen shows the group chat, a message from Gravitic, ”Villain at Bridge.”, and one from Backfire, "I'm close, be there in a second." Thumbs flickering, he shoots off his own reply. "Already there. Lash and crew. Hostage."

    Tucking his phone away, he takes a moment to centre his breathing and opens himself to the probabilities unfolding before him. He's still learning to master this particular application of magic, and in only moments is overwhelmed with nigh-infinite futures unfolding from every possible action. Pulling himself out of it with a momentary shudder, he shakes his head and focuses on the scene. Guess he'll have to do this the hard way – step one, clearly, is getting the hostage away from them. He can probably do that – at the cost of putting himself in danger, of course.

    But that's how the game is played, isn't it?

    Spoiler: OOC:
    Rolling to Assess the Situation: 4
    Marking Potential

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