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    Default Nature Points Druid 1.0, a revision of the original Druid class (PEACH)

    Link to the Homebrewery page is HERE!

    So, I thought I'd modify the Druid a bit, introducing new mechanics to compete with Wildshape so as to have players that don't want to use it have more options to use the same resource. However, I saw some Druid variants, like the Alpha Druid of r/UnearthedArcana, have confined the wildshape to a single subclass and I felt there was enough design space to allow all Druids to have the option of using it. Even so, I realize this class is probably not balanced on the first draft and I need it to be fixed up some before it would be a viable Druid replacement. While I feel I am a skilled enough designer to have realized design space (Druids that don't have Wildshape as their exclusive hook) and come up with an alright solution, I worry that my implementation is perhaps too sloppy and that I'm not a good enough to designer to yet know why. I have listed specific concerns below and would appreciate any feedback on them!

    Nature Points were added as a way to give Druids something other than Wildshape to spend their class resources on but I do fear I am too stingy with them or that they should perhaps receive another use in addition to the subclass specific powers I also considered giving them another universal ability at level 1 along with a small amount of Points but am not sure what ability I'd give.

    In regards to Subclasses, I have spaced out subclass abilities very far out, with an 8 level gap between the 6th and 14th, though the Nature Point or gained between then should still allow for more uses of subclass features so it's not as though the archetype goes to waste. The reason it's so spread out is because i wanted to give players Beast Spells much earlier on though I could move it back if there's concerns about it being imbalanced. I also worry that Land is now too versatile now with the addition of the many effects it has, plus its spells.

    The abilities of the class itself
    are largely the same as is published and as such, I'd like to know, should I replace class/subclass abilities altogether with things perhaps similar in effect but different in execution? If so then note that I do want to keep this class both conceptually and mechanically close to the original. Mostly it's how changes I've made may be unbalancing, or in regards to my inclusion of a largely unchanged Twilight Druid, since that subclass never made it out of playtest.

    Other things to work on are a new Urban Druid variant and a beast companion/rider subclass. Also, images and formatting but that's minor versus other issues!
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    Default Re: Nature Points Druid 1.0, a revision of the original Druid class (PEACH)

    Maybe it's just me, but I've always felt like Druid was a class that's all over the place.
    Getting a nice clean revision with a single unified resource, that can be utilized differently between subclasses would be a nice alternative.
    Some classes are pretty tight, with relatively small subclasses. That is subclasses with pretty minor effects. An example of this would be the rogue.
    I feel like druid's should be the polar opposites, more akin to many of the ranger revisions we've seen, and how Cleric and Bard subclasses drastically change the playstyle.
    A simple spellcasting class, with their own druid-theme minor feature and spellcasting enhancement, would be amazing. On top of that we can get big changes through subclasses, such as bonus proficiencies, impactful features (Such as wildshape) and other goodies.

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