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    Default Q: How hard is it to change a lightbulb. A: Very!

    I spent several HOURS trying to find replacement light-bulbs for some can-lights. My wife wants the light bulbs all to match. I either would need to order replacements specially made from China, or replace them all with new bulbs.

    Google light bulb finder, play around with the different webpages, marvel at the mindboggling verity of light bulbs, and then cower under your desk whimpering to the uncaring chaos of the void.

    There are so many different factors in a frickin' light bulb that it makes me question the sanity of humanity! Source of light, color of light, brightness of the light, size, shape, reflectors or not, angle of beam, consumption of energy, efficiency of use, heat generated, dimability, compatibility with the frickin' light-switch . . . it is super nuts.
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    Default Re: Q: How hard is it to change a lightbulb. A: Very!

    Somewhat relevant XKCD:

    Spoiler: Standards

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    Default Re: Q: How hard is it to change a lightbulb. A: Very!

    As a side note: your electrical company might have a deal. In my area, we can order energy-saving bulbs through our electrical company for a fraction of the cost of the store. Or, at least that's what the ad they put in our monthly bill says. I haven't ordered them as those tend to emit a high-piece hum I can hear which really bugs me. Well, that and laziness.

    I recently had a bulb shatter while still in the fixture. It was a pain (fortunately metaphorically, not literally, as I somehow managed not to cut myself) to extract it.

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