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    Default Expanding Lost Expedition into a Campaign [Pulp Cthulhu]

    Hello Playground!

    So recently I've decided to gather a group of my friends to try and run a Pulp Cthulhu game set at the precipice of WW2 and couldn't quite find the perfect scenario. And then I saw the cover of Lost Expedition and immediately said, "This. This is my campaign." However after hearing and reading reviews, it's only about 1 session long and I want to make this a full campaign. So here's my question: how do I expand on the encounter to build a full "Jurassic Park meets Indiana Jones meets Cthulhu with Nazis" campaign? I'm looking at 4 players at absolute most.
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    Default Re: Expanding Lost Expedition into a Campaign [Pulp Cthulhu]

    Maybe look at Lands of Mystery by Aaron Allston? Itís a 3rd Ed Hero System product but was also intended for use with Call of Cthulhu. Itís basically a sandbox pulp lost world setting.

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