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    Default Slaves of Emor Recruitment

    Hello, DM Here

    My self and a group just started a new DND campaign. Unfortunately we had a bunch of dropouts right as the game begin, so we are recruiting. Here is the pitch:
    The great Namor Empire has been expanding since it's creation. Their legions march in all directions, conquering all who will not yield.The talent of their soldiers is matched only by ruthlessness. Every year, another nation falls before their army bring land, riches and slaves for the empire. All of this conquest is for the glory of the Emperor and the eternal city of Emor.

    There, the Namors create architectural and engineering wonders that rival and exceed those of any still living empire. Massive temples, grand palaces, and more sprawl across Emor, but of all these monoliths, the most famous is the Coloseum. Here, the Emperor holds the great games, demonstrating the might of his Empire, and distracting the masses from their troubles. Here bloody competitions are staged for the delight of the citezenry at the expense of a never ending army of slaves and monsters.

    You will be fighting in these games.There are many ways to become a slave for the games, but only one way to leave; victory in the colloseum. At the end of each tournament, one group of slaves, those who have risen above their competitors through skill, strength and cunning, are awarded with freedom, and citizenship. All others are at best allowed another chance at the games, or at worst, left dead and bleeding on the sands. These are the only options; fight in the games, or die. At least that's what your Namor masters say...

    Spoiler: World info

    The Namor Empire is based around the city of Emor, on the Northern shores of Middle Ocean, a massive inland sea that connects to the larger ocean, the Endless Azure, to the west via a massive channel between two peninsulas. The empire stretches to the north, east, and west of Emor for thousands of miles and is the largest empire of any race in the known history of the world, something the elves and the dwarfs are very troubled by.* This is exacerbated by the fact that numerous smaller dwarven kingdoms have been annexed by Namor in recent years.

    They did not go quietly. On the southern shores of the Middle Ocean, Namor has established several outpost near Eleven ports. Ostensibly, these are for trading, but they seem overly well guarded. Recently, several Elven ships have been seized on charges of piracy, something the Elven kingdoms furiously deny, rising tensions dramatically.

    The gnomes have small nations on the eastern frontier of the empire. As the empire continues to expand, many of these small polities find themselves suddenly surrounded by Namor territory, and have little choice but to join the empire. Halflings, having never possessed anything resembling a nation or a political entity, are scattered throughout the empire and the regions beyond. There are no dragon born kingdoms or nations, with dragonborn following the independent habits of the dragons. Occasionally, their will be dragonborn enclaves, but these are more informal groupings than a form of organization.Tieflings come far from the east, and are largely treated with suspicion.Traders however will welcome their exotic goods. Many human kingdoms thought they might recieve preferential treatment from the Namor, only to be sorely disappointed when they were given the same terms as any other who was not Namor. To the north are the Orcs.Thus far, the Orcs appear the only race to halt, as opposed to slow the Namor Legions, and being sent to the Northern border is considered a very grim posting for a legionaire.

    The Namor worship many gods (the standard DND pantheon) but the first among equals is Heironeous, god of valor and war. It is said that he blesses the armies of Namor in battle, and is the reason for their many victories. In practice however, it is the wide availability of magic that has allowed the Empire to continually triumph.

    While other races may have a better affinity or understanding of magic, Namor has far more practitioners available, with low level magicians being a common site on the streets of Emor and major Namoran cities.*

    Wands, scrolls, magic potions and crystal balls are widely and (relatively) cheaply available.

    The city of Emor is the heart of the empire. From here the Emperor sends forth his legions and makes proclamations that decide the fate of untold thousands.The current is Emperor is Tyvectus the Vth, a man famous for his focus on uplifting the city of Emor, already considered one of the most impressive in the world, to new heights of prestige and decadence.* To that end he has ordered the construction of new monuments to the gods, new engineering works unrivaled in size and complexity, and of course, the great games. To celebrate two centuries of his families rule, he ordered the great games to be held. One of the largest buildings in Erom already (only smaller than the palace and the first temple of Heironus) the Colosseum was ordered expanded to incorporate numerous smaller satellite arenas so that those who couldn't watch the main events could be satisfied with less elaborate spectacles. Other than being a building of nearly unrivaled scale, the Coloseum also hosts an ingenious array of trap doors, moving walls, and secret tunnels that can be shifted at the will of arena overseers to ensure that the audience is provided with a never ending supply of surprises and excitement.

    The cost of the games, is of course blood and lives. The lucky are healed and sent back out to try again but each day dozens, if not hundreds die competing.Throughout the empire, the poor, criminals, and the unlucky have been rounded up to feed the beast that is the Great Tournament. Entire kingdoms who were foolish enough to resist Namor's might have been sent to die in bizarre and creative ways on the sands. Monster hunters have depopulated entire wildernesses seeking beasts and monsters to fight in the arena. Yet still more are needed.

    Spoiler: Big 16

    1. What game system are you running?
    DND 5E
    2. What 'type' or variant of game will it be (i.e. "Shadow Chasers" or "Agents of Psi" for d20 Modern)? What is the setting for the game (eg. historic period, published or homebrewed campaign setting, alternate reality, modern world, etc.)?
    Technically a homebrew setting but it will be very familiar to standard DND setting.
    3. How many Players are you looking for? Will you be taking alternates, and if so, how many?
    6 to 8. PBP games have a crazy big drop off so Iím hoping for a big group to start out.
    4. What's the gaming medium (OOTS, chat, e-mail etc.)?
    GITP forums. If itís possible, it would be nice to do combat on discord, but I realize that this might not work for everyone.
    5. What is the characters' starting status (i.e. experience level)?
    Level 1 Dirt Farmer
    6. How much gold or other starting funds will the characters begin with?
    The theme is that you are starting as slaves so there will be no gold. Sorry
    7. Are there any particular character classes, professions, orders, etc. that you want... or do not want? What are your rules on 'prestige' and/or homebrewed classes?
    I really prefer you to take something from the standard PHB. Iím not going to tell you no, but keep this in mind; Iíve never dmíed 5E or a play by post game. The higher you make my learning curve, the ****tier it will be for your DM, which means the ****tier it will be for your fellow PCís, which means the ****tier it will be for you. Iím going to draw the line at homebrews.
    8. What races, subraces, species, etc. are allowed for your game? Will you allow homebrewed races or species? 'Prestige' races or species?
    Again PHB standard is preferred. No homebrew species.
    9. By what method should Players generate their attributes/ability scores and Hit Points?
    For HP, you will roll each level after one for HP gained. My house rule is that if you roll a one for HP when you level up, you get one reroll. If you get two ones in a row, the dice gods hate you.
    For attributes, Iíll let the group vote, point buy or rolls.
    10. Does your game use alignment? What are your restrictions, if so?
    11. Do you allow multi-classing, or have any particular rules in regards to it?
    As long as you have an in-game rp reason, Iím cool with it.
    12. Will you be doing all of the die rolling during the course of the game? Will die rolls be altered, or left to the honor system? If players can make die rolls, which ones do they make, how should they make the rolls, and how should they report them?
    Typically, whoever is making the check will do the roll on the GITP forums using the frum dice roller. All rolls will be in the open. In certain circumstances, I may make a roll for you, but not tell you why for the sake of keeping things secret. This is for the sake of keeping dramatic irony. For example, if I tell you to roll a perception check and you fail, youíre probably still going to know that youíre being ambushed. Instead Iíll roll a D20 in the open so everyone can see and check your sheet for the modifier to tell you if you succeed or fail. Does this make sense?
    13. Are there any homebrewed or optional/variant rules that your Players should know about? If so, list and explain them, or provide relevant links to learn about these new rules.
    See # 9. Also, weíre doing group initiative, with me autopiloting your character if you take too long to respond in combat. I'm going to wait one day, then PM you. One more day, then auto pilot.
    14. Is a character background required? If so, how big? Are you looking for anything in particular (i.e. the backgrounds all ending up with the characters in the same city)?
    I would like a two paragraph backstory. One saying what you did before you were a slave, and the other how you were enslaved. The low hanging fruit is that you were captured by the Namor armies and forced to be a gladiator, but other options include condemned criminal, member of a persecuted religion, wrong place wrong time, or debt. I encourage creativity and diversity in backgrounds.
    15. Does your game involve a lot of hack & slash, puzzle solving, roleplaying, or a combination of the above?
    Initially, there will be a big focus on hack and slash (spoiler, your first interaction together is going to be your first fight together). Having said that, I do plan on providing other options to escape the arena if the group wants it.
    16. Are your Players restricted to particular rulebooks and supplements, or will you be allowing access to non-standard material? What sources can Players use for their characters?
    See # 7.

    If interested post your character sheet (lvl 1)and character concept ASAP. As stated earlier, we're already going, and we're trying to keep the momentum. Current party roster is a cleric, a fighter, and a wizard.

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    Default Re: Slaves of Emor Recruitment

    Posting tentative interest...
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