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    Default Re: Best Dm Tricks You Use on Player

    Quote Originally Posted by Misterwhisper View Post
    What I call the "Cowpox Trap"

    In a rather long dungeon, one that could take multiple game sessions to get through.

    In one of the earlier encounters there is a group of enemies that when they die release a cloud that gives the disease "Putrescence" or whatever nasty name you can think of but overall a rather minor but long lasting disease. Say with a penalty of you can't take the dash action.

    Later after multiple fights they encounter the plague swamp.

    An underground waist deep swamp of putrid decay.

    Inside the swamp swimming around are multiple undead that swarm people and are all infected with a much more severe form of Cackle Fever.

    The key though is that the creatures in the putrid decay, ignore anyone with the "Putrescence" disease and being under the effects of Putrescence makes you immune to gaining Cackle Fever.
    I really like this idea! Consider it stolen. I'm doing a Dishonored-type campaign where the group has to weaken a dictator's support before going after them. They chose to first go after the Arch Bishop. I think I'm going to work this in; as they approach, they are attacked by the plague animals. They find out, the priests are the only one who are able to cure this disease in the populace, so the people have become dependent on them even though they're baddies.

    It makes a great plot hook; they can't just outright kill the priests, or else all the people will suffer. Now they have to stop the disease [I]and[I] oust the corrupt Arch Bishop. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Best Dm Tricks You Use on Player

    Dead Man's Switch.
    Killing the BBEG triggered explosives and caused all of the BBEG's allies to hate the party even more than they used to. So the party gets dropped down into a chasm, suffers severe injuries and can't leave anymore because oops their spaceship was rigged with explosives while they were making their way back.

    Basically anything to do with explosives can be a dirty/smart/evil trick.

    BBEG on a budget? Can't afford guards? He taped a hand grenade to his door. Opening the door pulls the pin.
    They don't even have to be lethal traps. It could be explosives that close a cave entrance, collapse a building, or just generally give the PCs a bad fun time.

    Ah, this was a good one. Broadcast your player's morally ambiguous actions on live television/wizardvision. That way, everyone knows what they look like, and that they opened fire on a group of unarmed surrendering soldiers. bad guys?

    They may have won the combat, but their reputation is irreparably damaged. How will they ever get hired again? Find out next time on [insert tv show name here].

    Underwhelming Force
    Throwing a small group of first-level/system equivalent enemies at your higher-level PCs, but fight in a very unconventional and smart way. Force them onto unfavorable terrain, hide behind fortifications and use traps. Be careful though, this could very quickly end in a TPK if you pushed it too far. Trapping your PCs in an alleyway blocked with dumpsters and then dropping grenades out a window onto them might be effective, but it wouldn't be very fun. No, not even in a bad fun way, it would just be annoying.

    But if you do it right, the average joes can really show the PCs that they don't need to be fighting celestials/supersoldiers/cyberninjas to be having a bad/good/fun/challenging/engaging/synonym time. Guerilla warfare is effective against PCs, just as much as it is effective against real life military units.

    Weapon Malfunction/"GUN STUCK HELP ME"
    The PC decides to bring his caseless firearms to the planet with a 200C atmosphere. The spacesuit protects his body. Not so much his ammunition, which begins to cook off and detonate. He buys a new gun.

    Then he engages in a firefight in a dust/sand/particulate storm and- well I'm sorry but your gun's jammed. Oh, the enemies? They're using caseless weapons. There's nowhere on the gun for the dust to get in.

    And when he finally decides to get a sword and gets into melee combat with the soldiers... They trained in hand-to-hand and disarm him. Okay, This is just hypothetical, I didn't really do this to a guy. Still, weapon malfunctions can cause all sorts of combat considerations. In fact, your PCs might consider using it to their advantage...

    Unfortunate man above decides to observe his enemy's weapons and then ambush them in an accordingly unfriendly environment which causes their weapons to malfunction, and gets himself some easy kills.
    "You... little... *****. It's what my old man called me, it's like it was my name, and I proved him right, by killing all the wrong people. [And], I love ya Henry, and I'll never call you anything but your name, but you gotta decide; are you gonna lay there, swallow that blood in your mouth, or are you gonna stand up, spit it out, and go spill theirs?" - Unknown

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    Default Re: Best Dm Tricks You Use on Player

    When I DM, I have a personal affection for schmuck baits. There’s something about seeing people fall for an obvious trap that amuses me.

    My personal favorite schmuck bait is a subversion of the class “do not pull this switch” kind. So, the party is in a room with a big switch on one of the walls with the words “DO NOT PULL (Seriously, don’t!)” written above it.

    The fighter decides to pull the switch, and a treasure chest drops from the ceiling. But, wary that it could be a trap, he tells the rogue to check if the chest is a trap while everyone else stays on their guard. Turns out the chest ISN’T a trap, and everyone looks in the chest for what spoils might be in it.

    .....But what these adventurers are unaware of the Gelatinous Cube squeezing itself through a small hole in the ceiling...

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