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    Default Matrim Cauthonís Luck

    So I really enjoy the wheel of time series, so I was wanting to adapt a version of Matís luck in DnD 5e, probably pulling from the built in Luck feat. So the basic premise would be you get Luck charges, 3 per day, and can store up to 3x your level. Each charge will be like Luck where it adds a die and letís you choose from them all.
    So far this is just luck with a high capacity so there needs to be some balancing factor.
    One thought I had was to add the caveat that if the any luck dice rolls a 1, you are forced to take that 1. Which leads into some sort of chaotic factor from the Luck. It also makes it pretty fun because you can really mess something up, making the Luck dice a risk every time to you them.
    That seems like a good thing to add but doesnít seem enough to balance the ability. Maybe something like this takes up every ASI/feat, or just that each ASI/feat increases the capacity going from 15/30/50/90 or something like that.
    Another idea is to make this a rogue subclass ability, taking out a lot of bonuses one might get and giving this instead.
    Those were a few of the balance ideas I had, I was wondering what people thought of these and what you all could think of. I think this Luck themed character could be a lot of fun but it risks being too powerful and will be really tricky to balance properly.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Matrim Cauthonís Luck

    It's worth noting that anything that gives rerolls will slow the table and the more rolls the more it's slowed. I won't touch the mechanical balance because it's a difficult thing to do and I'm not sure how well I could do it, but the table slowdown is worth keeping in mind.

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    Default Re: Matrim Cauthonís Luck

    That is a good point, I didnít think about how itíd slow the game down. It just that it is an amazing idea in my opinion. Being this commander type with decent to good fighting skills that relies on luck to do cool things.
    If I were to get a DM to allow this I could probably pull it off since Iím quick to make decisions and know a lot of the rules pretty well, but Iíd definitely need to see how much itíd slow the game.
    Another balance idea would be to replace the rogue sneak attack dice with the reroll. Make you focus more on luck manipulation and battle strategy than just damage. Maybe this way you would roll the sneak attack die every day to gain that many luck charges, simulating how mat would have both lucky days and less lucky days.

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    Default Re: Matrim Cauthonís Luck

    I've built a Barbarian/Monk based on luck. The idea is to have advantage all the time, while giving disadvantage to the enemy.

    Ancestral guardian 3:
    Reckless attack for advantage, rage for resistance (just a flesh wound) and the spirit aura for disadvantage hitting allies. Advantage on Dexterity saves. All can be fluffed as luck.

    Drunken master x:
    Free disengage, make missed attack hit other enemy, evasion, stunning attack, dodge as bonus action. All can be fluffed as luck.

    It's a fun, if somewhat weird build.

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