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    Default Swordsage Shifter (Advice on putting it together)

    need Advice on A swordsage Shifter
    (Razor-claw Shifter) Unarmed Swordsage + WhereTouched Master + Bloodclaw Master

    For a level 20 Build (Doubt this character will get that far but I'd like to know what It would look like at that level) What would be a good spread of class level for this type of character

    Feat Advice is needed
    I want to make Room Snap kick at some point
    and Superior unarmed strike would be Nice
    I know I need a shifter feat and Two weapon Fighting for the prestige classes
    TO be honest going back to 3.5 after pathfinder is taking time to get use to
    The less feats spread further apart (How did i ever live like this lol)
    Any other Advcie on this build would be most welcomed

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    Default Re: Swordsage Shifter (Advice on putting it together)

    How exactly does unarmed swordsage work in your games? The adaptation section isn't exactly clear about what you get and what you don't.

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    Default Re: Swordsage Shifter (Advice on putting it together)

    My groups gives it IMP unarmed strike and Monk Unarmed strike damage equal to its level

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    Default Re: Swordsage Shifter (Advice on putting it together)

    So first off go longtooth rather than razorclaw, longtooth elite from Races of Eberron gives con damage to your bite attack which is very powerful.

    Second, only go WereTouched Master if you are allowed to use the pre errata'ed version, the errata'ed version is horrible garbage. Tiger and wolverine are my favorites here, bear is also good wolf isn't horrible but boar and rat are a waste of time.

    Third taking a level of barbarian or wolverine as your weretouched master form gives you rage opening up Shifter Savagery feat which is awesome. I would suggest two levels of barbarian spirit lion totem gives pounce at level 1 and wolf totem gives improved trip at level 2. Alternatively 3 levels of barbarian bear totem gives greater fortitude so you would only need power attack to qualify for Fist of the Forest.

    I am not super familiar with Bloodclaw Master so will hold off on commenting until I sit down and read through but I would highly suggest taking Fist of the Forest from complete champion even just one level is amazing but it is well worth taking 3.

    I would suggest the following, moving warshaper levels as wanted:
    Longtooth shifter Swordsage 2/Barbarian 3 (bear totem)/Fist of the Forest 1/weretouched master 5 (tiger)/Fist of the Forest 3/Bloodclaw Master 5/Warshaper 2

    Feats: Power Attack, Longtooth Elite, Shifter Multiattack, Shifter Savagery, Snap kick, Superior unarmed strike, Open (Ragewild Fighting or intimidating rage are decent choices).

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