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    Default Event ideas on a roleplay server

    Firstly, I was unsure where to put this, but I guess this is ultimately the best section.

    Of late, I've really gotten into playing on roleplay servers on Conan Exiles. I've hopped across several servers over time, and many will have player-run RP events, which I have come to realise tend to always be the same. They are essentially always a player will set up a fancy banquet area, invites everyone to come visit, and then everyone is just expected to talk to each other. I just started on a new server that has only just been created, and the first event was exactly this come eat and talk style event. There are no prompts, no interesting hooks, no special occurrences. On multiple occasions, I tried to prompt the player running it into some things which went ignored (such as, I snuck away to snoop around his castle. I accidentally took everything from a chest (the same button on my gamepad was used for crouch and loot all) so I sent him a message letting him know I did that and returned to the box. He then used that info to meta and find where I was, and escort me back to the banquet to resume having casual 'how is the food?' conversation).

    I have decided to try to overcome my fear of public RP, by coming up with my own events. These are the few I have so far.

    1. Competition of Strength
    -Create a pen for fights and supply combatants with equipment to face off against each other. Perhaps include spectator betting

    2. Communal Hunt
    -as a group, the attendees would head out to hunt down the bosses that are usually too difficult for one player.

    3. Storytelling
    -come together around a bonfire to share stories of any kind!

    4. Ritual Feast
    -Rather than the usual fancy banquet, have it be a more primal event dedicated to a god or specific holiday.

    I'm looking for ideas on what else could be used as an event idea. It's okay if you have never played Conan Exiles, I think Conan the Barbarian is at least well known enough to give a bit of an idea of what the setting is like.

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    Default Re: Event ideas on a roleplay server

    Maybe start small, with variants on the feast? Hire someone as a bard and have them tell stories. Celebrate a political wedding. Get someone in on it (complicated) and have them assassinate the host.
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    Default Re: Event ideas on a roleplay server

    So I'm a build admin on a PS4 Conan roleplay server. We always tried to go out of our way to make sure the events weren't too stale.
    Probably the best one was one of the admins was NPC character named bourbon who was a pirate.
    After some basic stuff like archery and camel punching (pretty much naked bare-knuckle competition where whoever kills their camel first wins) we revealed that he used to be the captain of a ship, but his crew mutinied and left him stranded in the exiled lands. So when everyone showed up two Bourbons next event they were met with an empty camp with notes scattered everywhere. All of the notes pretty much describes that he felt like he was being stocked and he could have sworn he saw someone who used to be on his ship. We have to have one person that was in on on the whole thing two make sure that everyone left together towards a location mentioned in the notes (invisible admin spawned)
    They had to fight their way through multiple waves while moving up the beach. When arriving at the mention location they found a large pirate ship covered in Pirates. There was three decks all together on the pirate ship but only two of them are accessible because the third one was submerged in water which we explained as them being Shipwrecked. The invisible admin who spawned the Pirates would open doors after they got certain parts. Clues were left around and all the decks about where they should look for keys that would open the doors. Pretty much after someone claimed that they found the key, they would have to say that they approach the door with it and then the invisible admin would open it. They had to read multiple notes and books scattered throughout the ship to find keys, working their way to the key from the very bottom of the ship that let them get into the Captain's Quarters just to find out that bourbon is an actually there but on an island nearby. A lot of people were super happy with the event. I have others but I feel like I've already talked too much LOL

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    Default Re: Event ideas on a roleplay server

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