Hey all! so I have started a campaign called "small gods" kinda based on the book by the same name from Terry Pratchett. I took his idea off that there is a bunch of small gods in this world and only when they get someone to believe in them, do they start getting stronger and actually able to do godly things. So I have six players and each of them has an inanimate object that is attached to one of the small gods. As of yet, only the players can hear their gods voices. The leveling is based on how many followers they can get for their gods. If anybody can help with encounter ideas or even world-changing ideas, something you would like to add, etc. I am open to any ideas. Attached also find the intro for the campaign:

At the start of this world, there was a song, one that filled all with life, the notes sprang to life forming things. From the green grass that covered the great plains of Atakar, to the giant forests with their millennial old trees where whole villages of big-eyed creatures make their home. To the big cities where creatures of all shapes and sizes are packed together tighter than the strange fish in the fisherman's nets. The notes flowed through this new world slowly, like maple syrup forming the mountains then building up against them and crashing over them in magical displays of light and sound into the valleys below, slowly creeping through the deep oceans and the lakes they created. Slowly the music made its way till it flowed over the edges of this world into the great cosmos. Forming the creatures we call stars and for some reason, nobody could yet explain creating moons and suns and other phenomena that we are still yet to explore.

And for only this moment there was something anybody could ever call a "god" a being nobody knew anything about that created something that nobody could understand for a reason that nobody could fathom. Now for those who do care enough to ask, this being was neither a deity nor for that matter very sharp-witted man, he was just a being travelling through the universe who just happened to rest next to a piece of rock floating through the darkness of the cosmos never thinking that the music he was playing as he was busy cooking a piece of dark matter whale over the nearby sun would have such an effect and cause 1000's of years of philosophical questions and bickering by the creatures that would inhabit this world that would later be known as Otulp.

Now on Otulp right at the edges of the world the few people who has dared to wonder that far through the ages have all been quite sure they have heard a music of some sort some have brought back pieces of what they could remember and created symphonies and plays that enchanted entire cities and is still considered some of the most absurd but also the most beautiful music that this world has ever heard. Others have seen pictures and formulas while being enchanted by the snippets they could hear which has brought us wonderful inventions and the most beautiful art that could be inscribed on a pigs skin. Others swore they only saw darkness and their greatest fears come to life, others again started hearing voices and either promptly went mad and killed themselves in the most exciting ways imaginable or went back and lived out their few remaining years as a hermit or mute traveler before finally kicking the proverbial bucket.

Our adventure starts here, right at the edge of the world, not that any of our heroes would ever dare go this far, oh no they were all too plain for something like this No this adventure starts with an accident, a small inconvenience rather, a rainstorm pouring down on the forests of Zelena šuma, a candle that was too wet to light and a cold night under a leaf big enough to house a small colony of very upset three-legged birds that was rustled out of their nests by this intruder. Our adventure starts here, where a cold wet stranger sings a tune that has been stuck in his head since birth to drown out the angry chirps directed at him. This tune carried on the wind to where the light could hear it, from there the light whispered it to the ocean that whispered it to the music at the edge, a new piece of music that would have a strange effect on this world of Otulp.
As dawn broke, with it came a new phenomenon, suddenly voices started springing up from objects for no particular reason or in any particular order, also for some reason only certain creatures could hear this never-ending chatter. It is here where our heroes come in well not that we could call them heroes more like a strange assortment of living beings that could for some unknown reason hear these voices...