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    Question Does this form of etherealness seem working?

    For a homebrew setting I creates a different type of planar system. One aspect of it is that creatures with the fey and fiend type are native to the ethereal plane and can never leave it, but they have the ability to exist in both the material and ethereal plane simultaneously.

    Manifestation: The creature extends its presence from the ethereal plane into the material plane. While manifested, the creature can affect targets in both planes and is subject to effects originating from either plane.

    Any effect originating from the material plane that would reduce the creature to 0 hit points or otherwise kill it destroys the corporeal manifestation and leaves the elemental with 1 hit point in the ethereal plane.

    If the corporeal manifestation is destroyed, the creature can not use this ability again for 24 hours. The creature can willingly end the manifestation as another action.
    Compared to the etherealness ability of the succubus and night hag, this has the advantage of including a safety against being killed before being able to return to the ethereal plane. But it comes with the drawback that the creature can not flee from ethereal attackers into the material plane.

    In this setting, all effects that prevent teleportation or movement into a warded area always affect both the material and ethereal plane.

    Any thoughts about this? I think in practice this would be almost no different to giving all fey and fiends the etherealness ability.
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    Default Re: Does this form of etherealness seem working?

    So long as players are 1) aware that killing the physical manifestation does not kill the real being and 2) will eventually have some method of going Ethereal themselves and killing the dinguses, I see zero issues with it. (Assuming a typical style of game. Obviously if you're going for a more "cosmic horror" you might leave them unkillable.)
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