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    Default Inception blocking?

    Is there a way to alter my settings to ignore/hide specific posts that quote people on one's ignore list? I have ignored a few people (mainly to not read about off-topic allegorical dead horses being beaten again) but I still get to read posts of people that quote those people, and thus still see some of the dead horses being beaten. I don't want to have to ignore *everyone* that gets sucked into these topics, but I would like to skip the specific posts where they are engaging with the people on my ignore list.

    Is there some way to do that?

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    Default Re: Inception blocking?

    I don't imagine that there is, because quoting just moves text into one's own post - the only relation there is to the prior post is simply the button link back to it - there's no actual records of who said what.

    So, in order to block posts with quotes, every time you view a post, it'd have to follow all of the links (if they existed, as it wouldn't work if the ignored person was manually quoted) in quotes, and then cross reference their original owner with those on your ignore list. That seems like something that while it's technically feasible, would be hard due to the way the linking works, and would also cause a lot more strain on the server.

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    Default Re: Inception blocking?

    OK, whom did I just quote?
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    Default Re: Inception blocking?

    Sheriff: No, there is no automated option for that.
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