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    Default One on One Campaign (Sort of)

    Hello Hivemind!

    I would like some help, my wife and I are pretty avid gamers, and I would like to run an adventure path, or have her run an adventure path for me, (or just a homebrew world, possibly)

    But what I was wondering, is are there any games/systems/adventure paths out there where you don't actually need a GM?

    I know this seems like a silly question, as most games need a GM to adjudicate the rules, but what I was looking for is maybe a game that allows the players to decide what is happening, or has set rules for things, (perhaps a random table of problems).

    Something perhaps a bit like Shadows over Brimstone where it's the players vs the game, but for an RP game?

    I figured this would be one of the best places to look to get an idea if one exists!


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    Default Re: One on One Campaign (Sort of)

    Googling "GM-less games" turns up a bunch. The only one I have experience with is Fiasco, which isn't really an RPG. It's a ton of fun, mind you, but it's a collaborative storytelling exercise, not a game. From what I saw, that seems to be the predominant trend-- GM-less games cluster in the narrative-driven end of the indie game pool.

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